Hamburg is planning to container transport at the speed of sound

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Hamburg is planning a transport system, the Container is transported with 1200 kilometers per hour into the countryside. The port company is committed to the Tesla chief Musk conceived of Hyperloop and an early start of construction.

The Hamburg port company is working on a futuristic transport system: the speed of sound Container should be in a kind of tube into the Hamburg area, shot, and so the Truck traffic is significantly reduce.

As the “Hamburger Abendblatt” reported, the Hamburg port and logistics AG (HHLA) in negotiation with the Californian company, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) from California. There are two intention had already been declarations signed, the start of construction could occur in two to three years. HHLA has confirmed to the MIRROR that there were negotiations.

The System with the name Hyperloop is a brainchild of Elon Musk, the boss of the US electric car manufacturer Tesla had presented his idea as early as 2013. It consists of a tube system, in which a vacuum is created, whereby there is virtually no air resistance nor friction. The transport capsules can reach speeds of up to 1200 kilometers per hour.

4100 shipping container per day

In this rate, the Container could be reached in a few seconds, the area around Hamburg, and there, for further transport on Truck to be loaded. This would then have to go in the future, directly in the port. Up to 4100 shipping containers per day can be transported through the vacuum tunnel and the Truck traffic is significantly reduce. The required energy should be produced by solar cells, which are attached to the outside of the tube.

Under the name Hyperloop several independent companies are active, who want to implement Musks Vision. The British company Virgin is also working on the transport system and has also announced routes in Europe. One of these will in the future also connect German cities with each other.

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Two companies in the competition:
So far, the Hyperloop is

Tesla CEO Musk had conceived the Hyperloop, originally for the transport of people. Therefore, Lufthansa has already shown interest in the project. The group is currently building a first prototype in Toulouse, France. Therefore, there are Considerations of intra-German routes to be replaced by the Hyperloop. From Hamburg to Frankfurt am Main travellers would then need only 30 minutes.


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