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For 2020, the market launch of the travel Enduro Pan-America 1250 is planned.
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Harley-Davidson has a bold and radical Plan. The company wants to break out of his Cruiser and classic corner. There is a simple reason.

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          All roads lead to Rome. How many lead to Milwaukee, we do not know. In any case, it should be more. “More Roads to the Harley-Davidson” is the name of the growth programme, dedicated to the motorcycle manufacturer. It is a bold, radical Plan: Harley-Davidson takes flight to the front.

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          Two is amazing in this Plan. To the extent of last week’s announced changes, the jerk with which the company’s top-of-the rips and tears the helm. On the other hand, the fact that Americans can be so thoroughly in the cards. Iron law in the headquarters of the Milwaukee, it was not so far to talk about upcoming models. Never! Something was always classified. Only there was one exception: in mid-2014, Harley-Davidson revealed its project Livewire, the prototype of a secretly developed electric bike. The aim was to find out how the audience would react if something like that would be placed on the market.

          Now the chief of squad to Harley-Boss Matt Levatich leans far out the window that provides detailed information about what to expect in the next few years. The Livewire will actually be in August 2019. The large photo above left shows the high-voltage-Harley may already be in the serial version, which is similar to the prototype yet but the Design is much more refined. The extent to which something has changed in the few at the time, said data 55 kW, 70 Nm, 148 km/h, 209 pounds, is uncertain.

          As sure, however, is that the Livewire to 2022 for more current Harleys consequences, including light, very agile two-wheelers. As you may like to introduce, illustrate both of the above shown on the right sketches. Some thoughts seem to go in the direction of the equipment, the electric bike the similar as an electric motorcycle.

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          The existing range of Cruisers and touring bikes, classic-style is not to disappear. Harley-Davidson announces plans to improve them, “in a way that’s hard to imagine someone”, as it is said in a in these days of widespread video clip. “Some of the things we do, a shake of the head.” That sounds exciting, even more exciting will be, as the Americans will be reflected in the market segments that you have previously avoided and now want to conquer. For 2020 announced Enduro Pan-America 1250, for example, (bottom row left) must prove themselves against top dogs from BMW, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki or Triumph. The Pan-America is not on a par with the well-Established, it will fail.

          Not only will you. A new, modular platform with four engine sizes (from 500 to 1250 cubic) in three categories (Enduro, Custom, Streetfighter) to spring to 2022 various motorcycles. A sporty and agile street fighter with 975 cubic (bottom middle) should be 2020, a 1250-cubic-Custom-model (bottom right), the Latter could be the harbinger of a model family, which replaces even today, in the old Sportster series. In addition, Harley-Davidson, in collaboration with an Asian manufacturer of affordable machines for the markets of Asia, especially India, to offer. The sleek single-cylinder is likely to be machine, the speech is from 250 to 500 cubic. Who is the partner in cooperation, and whether this is at all, the previous pronouncements.

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          Harley-addiction-Davidson out of his Cruiser and classic corner erupts and opportunities in other segments, certainly has something to do with increasing pressure from the competition on Harleys face stammtem Terrain. New methods of distribution, changes in the dealer network should help to rejuvenate the brand, the business in American homes again to stimulate, to conquer Asian markets, to win young customers for motorcycling, to increase sales and profits. Voltage is guaranteed, not only because of the Livewire.

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