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The Ford Thunderbird is one of the classics of automotive history. A insurance agent at in the UK, one of the legendary thunder birds and would have him scrapped almost out of frustration.


Jens Dance

Saturday, 26.05.2018
At 13:05

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Green. Everything is green. The car, the seats. The door opens, and it crawled out comes someone from the Ford Thunderbird, the could do with his finely trimmed shower Bart directly from ZZ Top. Günter Winter from the rose garden is the owner of the sloping old-timer from 1972 – and neither Rocker nor a musician. The 50-Year-old works independently for a insurance policy. Without much Fuss, he asks to ride in the Ford.

The color combination of Green and even more Green today would cause even a passionate hunter goose bumps. In the seventies, various shades of green such as “Green Fire”, “Medium Green Metallic” or “Dark Green Metallic” belonged to the hip colours of this Series of Ford. The Name of the car needs to be explained.

The Ford Thunderbird is one of the largest US Car classic and was offered from 1955 to 1997. As a retro model, it gave him once again from 2002 to 2005. Each Generation of the icon, got an affectionate nickname. The classic two-seater operates under the “Classic Birds,” the larger four-seat “Square Birds”, a heavier Version from 1961, under the “Bullet Birds”.

Winter thunder bird is one of the “Big Birds” that ended with a weight of 2.2 tons and a length of 5.70 meters, the basic idea of the Thunderbirds to the point of absurdity. Originally the car was to compete with European sports cars. In 2005, Ford introduced the former model of success to more than three million vehicles produced, final.

Winter dipped in the US Car scene

Günter Winter, always liked the design language of the seventies. In 2012, he went on the search for a classic car from the time he peeped on the Internet for a Ford Taunus Coupé. However, in its search results of the “Big Bird showed up”. Why, he doesn’t understand until today. Winter was blown away, he recalls. The car was in Munich. After a telephone conversation with the owner at the time, he sat in the plane. There the dream in Green awaited him, a complete history of the car with all contracts and supporting Documents. The rear straps were still wrapped and never used.

The trip home to the rose garden at Hamburg, he entered on its own axis. Arrived home, then went but nothing more. The radiator boiled, the fuel lines were tight, the carburetor zickte. The Ford fabric in curves or in the case of too much Gas. Winter had the nose full. For two years, he left the Thunderbird.

Then he dipped a well-Known little deeper into the car scene. He established contacts that could help him with the repair of the thunder bird, and had to find that in his car, an incorrect carburetor with the completely wrong nozzle was installed. The head gaskets were still the first, the Seals rock-hard rings. In a special workshop, he finally received the correct carburetor, the specialist had to replace the head gaskets, ground the valves, cleaned the intake manifold and changed all the hoses.

17 instead of 33 gallons of gasoline – if the is no progress

Then the Thunderbird ran around and spent “only” 17 instead of 33 litres of petrol. Meanwhile, the Car scene in the North, his Beard and his “Bird knows and loves Günter Winter in the US”. As a Pseudonym he used in allusion to his surname, “Mr. freeze”, from his car, he wants to separate. The frog-colored “Big Bird” purrs on the country roads around Hamburg, as there was never a time where his owner would have him scrapped almost out of frustration.

Vehicle registration certificate


Thunderbird, Bj. 1972



EUR 7,538 CC

225 HP (165 kW)

285 Nm

Maximum speed:
185 km/h

2.180 kg


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