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This year, the first electric car from Audi will be celebrating the Premiere. On a US mountain range was allowed to author Michael Specht already have a ride.



Wednesday, 08.08.2018
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Almost 150 degree Celsius indicates the laser hand device of the Rangers most of the time, when the tourists have almost done half of the Pikes Peak down hill track with its SUV’s, Pick-ups or campers. At the control point, it is for the everyday driver: the right to get out and wait, maybe 20 minutes, maybe longer. The enforced break applies the brakes overheated. For safety reasons, because their performance may dramatically decrease. The 4301-metre-high mountain is part of the Rocky Mountains – and drivers, especially in car very popular. Every year in the summer, the legendary mountain race will take place there – even Race to the Clouds.


Audi e-tron models on the down hill track at Pikes Peak

The Audi e-tron, the Ranger initially thought his meter was broken. Only seven degrees Celsius on the surface of the front brake discs. How can this be? Audi development engineer Michael wine sitting behind the steering Wheel and smiles: “Why should the brakes hot? We have used it.” Total lack of understanding in the face of US officials.

During normal cars on a downhill will produce about the foot brake only heat and fine dust, Michael wine, the e-tron almost exclusively by the two electric motors brakes. How strong, depends on which mode is set to the paddles on the steering Wheel. The second stage is the strongest and is delayed with approximately 0.12 g. G-force – simply put – loads referred to, which act, for example, on a vehicle. 0.12 g are in approximately the same way as you would with a petrol engine in third or fourth gear on the Gas and the braking effect of the engine can take advantage of.

But what if the electrical power fails?

Because it goes to the Pikes Peak Passage a number of times quite steep downhill, developer wine press now the foot brake – the man speaks an engineer of Reibbremse. But this has no connection to the actual hydraulics. He enters into a Simulator made of rubber and spring elements, the fake him, the brakes feel real. In reality, up to 0.3 g) (the electric motors for the delay of work. Only if he stops abruptly or a full brake makes, is activated, an electrical high-performance pump. It builds in just 150 milliseconds – less than the blink of an eye – the maximum possible brake pressure, and brings the e-tron to a safe and.

But what if the electrical power fails? The so-called Brake-by-Wire work? “In this case, the valves open abruptly, and the driver brakes a direct hydraulic connection from the Pedal to the,” says Marko Hörter, for the development of the brake control system.

This new brake is currently only available at Audi. The System was developed together with Conti extra for electric cars and aims to achieve the best efficiency in electricity generation. The distance traveled from the summit of Pikes Peak was 29 kilometres and the difference in height of 1940 meters. The electric motors in the e-tron managed eleven kilowatt-hours of energy in the battery feed. “So that the vehicle can travel in the plane between 50 and 60 kilometres,” says Michael wine.

The Displays can even zoom in

The ride in the all-wheel drive and up to 300 kW e-tron has also shown how similar electric SUV will be in the dynamic behavior later on down the road. As in the Jaguar I-Pace in the Mercedes EQC also the e-tron features a strong, smooth acceleration from a standing start. Due to their low centre of gravity – due to the heavy batteries in the car’s floor – the all-terrain vehicles, such as flat sports car through the curve and be pampered on top of that, by pleasant rest. In normal everyday life, the customer will feel as well as no differences between the models.

This make itself felt elsewhere. For example, when you look in the mirror, which replace the e-tron small cameras. A novelty in the automotive industry, but in Germany, already permitted. What happened to the side of and behind the car shows a Display at the top of the door panel, the resolution is terrific. The Displays can even zoom in and out. Nevertheless, the Whole is more of a Gag, as that would bring the e-tron is now really smooth by the wind and the range noticeably increase.


Displays and cameras instead of traditional mirrors

Charging in 20 minutes

This should be more than 400 kilometers. For 95 kWh of storage capacity plug in gross under the Seats. Because to conserve the battery cells and never the full 100% is used, consume the e-tron from about 85 kWh. Consequently, he would have to consume in order to create the 400 kilometres, approximately 21 kWh per 100 km, a more realistic value.

Proud of the e-tron engineers are not only on the range and recuperation, but also on the charging technology. As the first electric car it can be with a power of 150 kW load, in 20 minutes the battery would be filled to 80 percent. Even the Tour from Flensburg to Garmisch should be no Problem, provided the appropriate number of charging stations is available. Audi has been operating here, with Daimler, Ford, BMW, Volkswagen and Porsche under the name of Ionity, with the goal of, by 2020, around 400 fast stations along the main transport axes load install in Europe.

With a length of 4.90 metres, the e-tron size is standard on the Q5, but on the back of the seats, the leg room in the Q7. Also that the usual means missing tunnel, brings back a better sense of space. The front of the Cockpit, the electric SUV in the Audi’s now familiar Black-Panel look (A6, A7, A8, Q3), i.e.: virtual and freely configurable instruments, Touch controls, an almost intuitive menu navigation, only a few knobs and switches and all of that paired with a very high quality of material, appearance and workmanship. Tesla is likely to it pain, that the European competition with better quality will raise at significantly lower prices. Although approximately 79,000 euros, the Audi e-tron-will require entry, not just cheap.

Premiere in September

Secret the Design of the e-tron remains, the pre-production models of the test drive are still camouflaged completely. Only on 17. September takes place in California, the Premiere, and Audi will pull the cloth of his first Stromer. But one thing is clear: If the brakes when going downhill, not glow, the lights are the brake calipers orange tone of the DIN-high-voltage cable.

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