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Half of the cargo bike, half-Moped: The Danish E-load moped Tripl to deliver packages in an environmentally friendly door-to-door. In Hamburg, it is already being used successfully, but not without problems.



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Emil Nefzger

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Wednesday, 17.10.2018
05:07 PM

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The Elbe Philharmonic hall in Hamburg is a tourist uninteresting – at least, when Marcel Löscher works in the surrounding port city. Then the glances of the passers-by are not in the concert hall, but on the package carrier, which is due to his unusual vehicle. Extinguisher, driving an eight-Tripl of the parcel service DPD.

This electric moped comes from Denmark and is reminiscent of the three-wheeled bicycles, with which the Iceman has turned its laps at the local swimming lake. The attention, the excited quencher that is similar to: “With a DPD-Ferrari I would appeal to less people,” he says, laughing.

Actually a scooter

In a Ferrari much less packages would be a good fit: The load of the Small motor cycle is located at 200 pounds, the maximum speed at 45 km/h. For densely populated residential areas with many individual deliveries, it is ideal, especially because of the registration as a moped: “In the end, that is a scooter. So I can stand on the sidewalk, as long as a stroller, and a cyclist pass each other fit,” says Löscher.

While his colleagues have to carry the packages up to 100 meters from the Transporter to the customer, rolls-quencher with Tripl in the port city to the front door – without exhaust. The recipients of the E-drive is evidently a nerve: “I order a different way, because some of the package offered electric, but think it’s awesome. The should be slow, of course,” says a client.

Boss Copy Paper

However, this is not easy to implement. The Tour through the Hamburg harbour city is actually perfect for the Tripl, because many of the stops are to be completed on a short track. More and more customers do not get to many packages for a small Load or bulky: “as soon As someone gets a load of copy paper’s difficult, the Tripl grabs,” said Löscher. Such deliveries done, therefore, still a mate with a Transporter.

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Electrically supplied

Nevertheless, the Tripl relieved the streets of the neighborhood, because extinguisher colleagues do not need to deliver vans in the small now, what is the Tripl. Thus, a Parcel is not more than a few metres in the second row and produce less exhaust gases. Once, because of the Tripl drives locally emission-free – and because the Diesel-Transporter delivery due to the longer routes between the individual, must start-up addresses, much less under full load.

Package services must collect experience

Nevertheless, the E-Moped is in the DPD is still in the testing phase, says the company’s spokesman Peter Rey: “we do not have experience, how many Tripl is still lacking a Van to replace it. But in some areas, a cargo bike can replace the Transporter one-to-one.” Around five tons of CO2 saved.

Small delivery vehicles such as the Tripl not only improve the environmental footprint of the logistics industry, you could also make the innovation drivers of the shift in Traffic. So, Deutsche Post operates, for example, about 6000 street scooters as well as approximately 12,000 E-Bikes, the largest electric-powered vehicle fleet in Germany and would like to expand the alternative drives is also in package subsidiary DHL continues: “by 2025, 70 percent of the delivery with clean Alternatives should be made,” says Markus Reckling, managing Director of DHL Express.

“The market for city logistics is changing rapidly,” says Bernd Heid, expert for commercial vehicles at the consulting firm McKinsey. The E-mobility and Autonomous Driving to make rapid progress, so Heid: “together, These factors ensure that the market for city logistics, in ten years time will fundamentally look different than it is today.” Opportunities for greater market share of small vehicles, such as the Tripl delivery he sees in narrow cities. In addition, Autonomous Driving could give small commercial vehicles have an additional growth spurt – because the supplies are significantly cheaper.

Small deposits missing

Smaller delivery vehicles need, but also a change in the entire logistics: the delivery routes of Tripl, cargo bike and co. are much shorter than that of a Diesel Van. The smaller range of about 144 miles, but especially the smaller storage space, limiting the length of their routes. The classic package service model with large vans and vast vaults on cheap land in the middle of Nowhere on Tripl and cargo bike transferred. The essential building block for an eco-friendly delivery to small Depots in the delivery area in which the Tripl several times will be filled up. In these densely populated areas, the space is usually scarce and accordingly expensive. In the case of the establishment of such micro-deposits the companies are therefore dependent on the support of the cities, says Markus Reckling.

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Electric delivery trucks:
Invite, uninvite, charging

Also in the port city, such a vault is missing, the Tripl has to be around ten kilometers away in the warehouse loaded. Then it goes for Marcel quencher to the target area. As soon as the cargo space is around 80 kilometers of empty, it goes back. Nevertheless, he miss, in comparison to the classic vans nothing, he says – except for the large load volume.

More fun to drive than a Transporter

To travel from the Depot to the delivery area of the Tripl may play his second great strength: For he makes – in contrast to the Transporter, despite the low maximum speed, a lot of fun: “It’s really good, especially if you press the Boost button. Earlier was watching a Porsche surprised when I left him at the green light.” The Tripl is only 4.6 HP – mobilized at the push of a button but proud of 194 Nm of torque.

The driving fun is also a benefit for DPD, explained spokesman Peter Rey: “Not everyone likes the cargo bike. Tripl are really excited about all of our deliverer.” Marcel quencher would like to swap the last moped in any case, even if the Transporter one day should be electric. “If that thing is 80 km/h would be fast and a bit more reach, I’d drive it even in private,” he says. A great compliment for 12.300 Euro expensive moped Delivery.

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