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The GT40 will cost 550,000 euros, and is only built in 1350.
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The Ford GT was the terror of the Ferrari. The new edition will be built because of the high demand for well longer than planned.

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          The Ford GT is not the car only a breathtaking super sports, to the fascinating details of its history. Because its existence of the feud between two powerful men, namely Henry Ford and Enzo Ferrari owes to the spectacular Bolide actually. After the retreat of the American car manufacturers from motor racing in 1957, Ford decided five years later, but returned to international racing in on the action.

          The dominated at that time Ferrari. What could be more obvious than for the greatest chances of success equal to the entire Italian sport forge car incorporate? The purchase negotiations with Enzo Ferrari were good at first, failed in 1963, but in the end, probably the Ego of the two counterparties. To defeat Ferrari on European race tracks, has now been the stated goal of Henry Ford, joined his own, ambitious sports program.

          This culminated in 1964 in the development of the race car GT-40, but the occupied is actually the Ferrari davonzog and 1966 at the 24 hours of Le Mans at the time, the most important race in the world-the three top places. From the 4.7-Liter V8 with 380 HP for the race track, Ford was only slightly more civilian 335-HP road version of the GT-40. 40 therefore, because of the extremely flat flounder was exactly 40 Inches (102 centimetres) high. Only 134 copies (racing and road cars) were built between 1964 and 1968. No wonder the little more available in American classic cars today is considered almost priceless.

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          Half a century later, edited, selected, Inaugurated in the basement of the Ford design studios in the American Dearborn under absolute secrecy in the development of a new super-athlete, after the example of the legendary GT-40, again with a mid-engine and rear-wheel drive. The 4,76 metres long and, including the exterior mirrors to 2.24 metres wide, aerodynamically sophisticated carbon flounder was a 3.5-Liter twin-turbo with 600 HP and 750 Newton meters of torque implanted. In fact, the new Ford GT was able to repeat after exactly 50 years, to 2016, the Triumph of Le Mans and a victory in his class to win.

          Since the end of 2016, there is also a street version with race car DNA, which is up to 347 km/h. It has upward opening doors and the Cockpit and steering Wheel like in formula 1. Originally, Ford had a limited production of 1000 copies in four years, so until 2020. Due to the enormous demand from customers, the manufacturer has now succeeded: by the end of 2022 for the world, a total of 1350 Ford is supposed to be delivered GT. To snag one of the coveted, 550 000 Euro expensive objects, can apply according to the well-heeled interested until the beginning of December.

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          The proven possession of one or the other historic Ford model increases the chances. The super sportsman but remains a very rare guest on our roads: Only eleven of the GT so far have gone to Germany, for the coming year, not a single one is planned and 2020/21, respectively, only a maximum of 15 pieces.

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