Hofreiter suggests a nationwide, One-Euro-Tickets for buses and trains

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Bus and rail travel costs across the country per day, only one Euro. For Green-chief Anton Hofreiter, in order to reduce car traffic. This was one of the “biggest climate killers”.

The Green group Chairman Anton Hofreiter suggests a nationwide, One-Euro-one-day tickets for buses and trains. Each transport network in Germany to introduce such a Ticket, said Hofreiter of the “picture on Sunday”. Then public transport costs each user only 365 euros per year. “Students and trainees are supposed to have free ride,” added Hofreiter.

Hofreiter said the traffic is one of the “the biggest climate killers in our country”. He wants to ensure that is why with a Three-point Plan to ensure that citizens are driving more train or Bus and less the car.

In addition to the One-Euro Ticket, the Greens want to be able to use a “mobile passport Germany”, with the citizens all means of public transport, car – and bike-Sharing services. “Enough with the Ticket mess,” said Hofreiter. “I call on the Federal government, with the transport companies and to negotiate Sharing providers.”

As a third point, the Chairman of the group calls, the VAT on rail to reduce tickets in long-distance transport of 19 percent to seven percent. So that train would ride on long distance is significantly cheaper, said Hofreiter.

In the Federal government is already thinking for some time about the introduction of free transport. Finally, the Federal environment Minister, Svenja Schulze had used for appropriate Tests. “I want to, that Germany is the pioneer in climate protection,” said Schulze in Berlin in April on the occasion of a conference on the environment. Buses and trams in the major cities could be in the view of the Minister of the environment for passengers, at least temporarily, free of charge, to new mobility to launch concepts. Everything form the public TRANSPORT use and an Alternative to the car, should be promoted, said the SPD politician. The be:

  • at least one phase of the way, free public TRANSPORT
  • easier ways when you purchase the Tickets
  • cheaper ticket prices

(An evaluation of how much the transport costs currently, in 39 German cities with more than 200,000 inhabitants, can be found here: Not all cities with a large network are expensive, not all small towns convenient.)

In the neighbouring country of France, transport policy-makers are already In Dunkirk, the use of the transport network in September in vain. When Trying on the week, the Bus use had increased by up to 60 per cent, had explained to the mayor the 200,000 inhabitants of the city to the introduction of the free transport.

More than a dozen French municipalities are already experimenting with similar models. In the capital city of Paris, the Metro is in times of Smog is usually free of charge.


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