Honda NSX : a subtle update for 2019

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The Honda NSX is now available with a new shade Thermal Orange Pearlescent the most beautiful effect.

For the year 2019, the Honda NSX has some improvements, mainly related to the chassis and the setting of standards Euro-6d-Temp hybrid engine.

Arrival on the market two years ago, the Honda NSX the second-named is one of the few GT sports to develop a mechanical hybrid, and remains somewhat isolated on the market. As if the BMW i8 puts a little more emphasis on electricity than japan, it does not offer the same level of performance. And it is the same for the Lexus LC 500h, temperament, more distinctive grand touring.

Honda, however, has seen fit to make some small improvements to its flag-bearer for 2019, he details for us today. Under the hood, the changes are very slight, and we note just that the turbo response has been improved, while the V6 3.5 sets injectors optimized and a particle filter, in particular to comply with new pollution standards Euro 6d-Temp.

The firm nippon not giving of power figures and performance, it is assumed that these must be identical to the old model, with 581 horsepower developed by the hybrid powertrain and a 0 to 100 km/h shot in 3-s.


2 s faster in Suzuka

On the other hand, the chassis has benefited from the new settings, which would allow the NSX 2019 of turn two seconds faster than the old model on the circuit of Suzuka. We note as well the presence of stabilizer bars are larger, which allow you to increase the rigidity of 26% before and 19% to the rear. The rigidity has also been increased to the level of the rear hubs and suspension arms, all for to have according to Hondachassis more responsive.

The NSX has had a software updateon the control of the power, the power steering and the suspension. Finally, she rides on new tires Continental SportContactTM 6, which have been exclusively developed for it.

Cosmetically, nothing has changed, apart from the appearance in the catalogue of a new shade of body Spa Orange Pearlescent, as well as two new liveries interior : red leather full or leather and Alcantara Indigo Blue. Orders are already opened for this NSX 2019, while the first deliveries will take place at the end of the year.


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