How many courses need an electric bike?

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The Easy Rohler IT-E1 of Idworx.
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The Easy Rohler er-E1 comes without gears. It provides, however, six ways in which the driver electric assist.

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          Certainly, the first two-three hundred kilometers of the thumb was twitching more often. But there was nothing on the Handlebars – no buttons to Press, and no handle to Turn. Switch, so the Translation to adapt to slopes, Start-up and acceleration, or relaxed rotors of the legs that happens when an experienced cyclist like automatically and looking ahead to the Situation. You ride a Singlespeed, one wheel has a freewheel and not a fixed gear, but it is only a Translation, these unconscious reactions into the Void. In this case, the body force needs to make the adjustment: You have to be stronger or casual. So it is with the Easy Rohler IT-E1 of Idworx (depending on the equipment of just under 5000 euros), but with the crucial difference that an electric motor (Alber Neodrives, 250 Watt) helps in the rear wheel.

          Hans-Heinrich Pardey

          Editor in the Department “technology and Motor”.

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          Newcomers to the Pedelec quickly notice that you just benefit from, especially the more expensive wheel, no matter whether with or without a Motor, many gears of your circuit. The good old three-speed gear shift would be enough, so there is a: A medium-sized Translation for most of the situations, and the ride in the plane, a moderately – reduced Start-up and for the gradients, a non-enlarged is also moderate for the ride downhill, so you step into the Void.

          The er-E1 offers, so to speak, of six options: no motor assistance up to level 5. To turn, instead, to choose the sensible way this bike is right on the Handlebar-mounted push-button brought the right kind of support. The drive from Alber also has three characteristics, as the Motor is switched on, economical, or emphasized prompt and sporty, you can ignore it: With the middle setting, it drives well and above all, the nerve is gently quiet to inaudible.

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          The er-E1 is clearly a niche model. Trained, like to say that you “need not a electric bike”, it can inspire you. A Pedelec also offers driving pleasure of its kind on the support. Who needs, however urgent, will feel comfortable on this bike quickly overwhelmed. The concern, without a derailleur of a Bicycle is only for flat country, is unfounded: The Translation of 43 teeth on the front of the crank 17 on the pinion in the rear (as in the drive chain, against a surcharge optionally, a Gates belt possible) delivers very soft.

          Twelve prozenter in the foothills of the Taunus mountains were good to deal with. Not even the extreme engine power had to be retrieved. The Neodrives drive often downstream of said thermal problems did not occur. The 612-watt-hour battery pack allows for 100-mile trips with Luggage on the around 21.5 kg weighing bike.

          With its high price, several factors reconcile more than enough: For the purist, all the bells and whistles a waiver of the end equipment, which is in every point of top notch – up on the pedals in wet conditions a nightmare. Even more than the equipment of the processing. As for the other wheels of the brand Idworx typically, a attention to Detail, manifests itself in many little things.

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