How two brothers train to destroy projects in the United States

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Buses and trains of the devil are: In the U.S., opponents of the public transport system tilt is a new building project after the other. In Germany, imitators are formed.

The US city of Nashville meets many of the clichés about transport in the United States. With the long-distance trains, Tennessee, USA are not able to reach the capital. The only commuter train that connects all three places in the surrounding area to the centre. The transport is based on buses and only two percent of the inhabitants use it for the way to work.

It is not likely to change: In the spring, the voters have rejected a construction project that would have extended the public transport offer dramatically. Five light-rail corridors and routes for rapid buses were planned. But a campaign of Anti-transportation activists contributed to the fact that the Five-billion-Dollar failed projects.

Religious war on the local transport

The transport of a religious war in America rages on. Nashville is in a series with a number of other U.S. cities, in which national and international lobbyists to torpedo a local shift in Traffic. Also in Phoenix (Arizona), Little Rock (Arkansas) as well as regions in Michigan and Utah had success, such as the “New York Times” lists.

Behind such campaigns, the organization “Americans for Prosperity” (AFP), funded by the billionaires Charles and David Koch is often. The brothers have made in their assets, among other things, in the Oil business. The state should keep, in your opinion, from the transport – at least when it comes to rails and not on roads.

“The project from the beginning was a huge waste of money and would have permanently destroyed lanes”, said to AFP after the “great victory” in Nashville. In the case of buses and trams it was “outdated technology”. Already in sight is Autonomous, and clean cars.

William DeShazer/The New York Times/laif

Anti-transportation Activists in Nashville, Tennessee

In addition, the new transport system would have led to rising Rents and gentrification. This Argument is caught, apparently, in large Parts of the African-American population.

Members and helpers of the Lobby team had knocked on 6000 doors, and more than 40,000 phone calls stopped. Public transport is profoundly UN-American and restrict the freedom of the Individual, they explained to the citizens. “If someone can choose, how he wants to move, he will decide for public transportation,” said Tennessee AFP Boss Tori Venable of the “Times”.


David (left) and Charles Koch

Buses and trains have it in the USA, traditionally difficult. This is also because the car industry bought up in the middle of the last century, all the Tram systems and still put. The multi-billion infrastructure program of the US President, Donald Trump will predominantly come the road construction.

In some cities, such as Houston and Portland, the streetcar has experienced yet to make a Comeback. Many Conservatives and Libertarians see the counter-attack.

The chef in your crusade against the transport, but not to American values, but about their own money, find critics. Koch Industries produces gasoline and Asphalt in a big way and has been supplying the auto industry.

Sharp criticism of urban transport projects in Germany

“‘Tax wastage’ is your battle cry, but a high fuel consumption helps you,” said transportation researcher Ashley Robbins of the Technical University of Virginia about the chef. The cooking group has Robbins’ logic and denies that taxes AFP directly.

In Germany, no country-wide Anti-transport is the movement known, funded from the environment of the auto industry. Sharp and at times polemical critique of urban transport projects breaks forth in the Federal Republic of Germany.

A tram-line on the Leipziger Straße? Bad Idea. Politics should be the #traffic jam solver, not the brake booster. @sebczaja @Henner Schmidt

— FDP group Berlin (@FDPFraktionBLN) 24. January 2018

The Berlin FDP protested the beginning of the year to the public against the Expansion of the tram from Alexanderplatz to Potsdamer Platz. They had a truck on the Leipziger Straße, labeled with the words “I am a Tram. And rum statue here soon more often.”

The liberal scourged the project as “on rails laid madness of an ideologized transport planning” of the red-red-green Senate. All road users should be free to decide what you are moving, even with your own Car. The motorists club ADAC is also against the Tram project.

SPD gave Anti-tram campaigners greatest victory

As in the USA, the liberal against the Bus – and railway projects in Germany often. As opposed the CDU and the FDP successfully against a city of regional rail in the Kiel area. Now, in the best case, a stripped-down Version.

Your probably the biggest success of the Anti-tram thanks to activists however, the SPD. As of 2011, residents protested against the Comeback of the Hamburger Tram, toppled mayor Olaf Scholz of the projects the Two-billion-Euro. It is too expensive, in addition, the train drivers can take place. Now the subway is being expanded-network – for even more money.

Many of the hamburgers only, the Bus remains. As the citizens of Nashville, Tennessee.

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