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Who is flashed abroad, or a Red light, more of it coming soon so just: For the prosecution of traffic offenders EU access countries in the future on a common database. The answers to the main questions about the new rules.

What changes with the new regime?

If German drivers have committed in other European countries, traffic offenses, had to operate the foreign authorities so far, a great deal of effort to get to your data. This procedure is simplified by the new rules, fines will be so in the future, faster – and probably more often.

Where to get the foreign authorities to the data of German car drivers?

From the European vehicle and driving licence information system Eucaris (European Car and Driving Licence Information System). On the German level, the database is maintained by the Federal motor transport authority (KBA). The System has been around since the early nineties, yet it was of some EU States, among other things, to the transnational fight against terrorism and the prosecution of serious crimes.

When may request the foreign authorities with the data?

The access to the database is limited to the prosecution of the following offences: Speeding, Driving without a seat belt or protective helmet, disregard red lights, or Driving on a blocked lane (e.g. a bus lane), as well as alcohol, drugs and mobile phone at the wheel.

The authority can then send a so-called information, called the violation and the fine is claiming. It must be written in English.

Which countries are allowed to access the System?

Only the EU member States. Authorities from Switzerland, Norway or Croatia remains the access, for example, be denied.

You can lose for a committed traffic offense, the driver’s license?

No. “When I’m in Italy too quickly, I get no points in Flensburg”, says ADAC-law expert Michael Nissen. However, it is possible to be in the country with a driving ban punished.

How can you defend against a fine from abroad?

Basically, you can appeal to the foreign authority’s appeal against the fine. The fine is paid or opposition inserted, the Federal office of justice (BfJ) in Bonn. This is the competent authority for the examination and the implementation of a enforcement.

Concerned have two weeks to respond to the accusations. Then, the BfJ is to decide on the authorization of the execution and to this permit decision, to the Affected. However, this can be blocked again by the opposition. He does not, this can be enforced.

A special feature arises in this context, the so-called holding of liability: In contrast to Germany, has to pay in many EU countries, in principle, the owner of the vehicle, the fine, even if he is not self-driven. This rule does not apply to a foreign authority just to the German traffic offenders. A vehicle owner the BfJ tells that he is there for the traffic violation, responsible, must pay also.

The thing about that: In the case of re-entry in the respective country, the foreign authorities can roll up the case again.


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