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2019, the car manufacturer start your largest electric offensive. On the market, the first German production car finally comes with hydrogen power. The most important models in the Overview.



By Michael Specht

Wednesday, 26.12.2018
At 18:43

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A Million electric cars by 2020? This target has conceded the Federal government for a long time. And yet, slowly but surely moving in the matter of the E-mobility. In the coming year, the manufacturers bring a lot of exciting models to the market – the Audi e-tron on the Mini until the tiny e. Go Life in Aachen.

Not all driving is all volunteer these new models. The corporations will have to hurry, Brussels sits with the CO2 limits in the neck. 95 grams per kilometre may launch the car in the intersection by 2021.

These are the new models from Audi, Mercedes, Tesla and co.

Audi e-tron: The middle-class SUV (4.90 meters) is the first pure electric car of the Ingolstadt-based company. In floor battery cells with an energy content of 95 kWh plug, sufficient for more than 400 kilometers of range. Two electric motors developing 400 HP and 660 Newton meters of torque. It is not surprising that sports car of similar performance. Recently, we were able to put for a first Tour behind the Wheel of the e-tron. Conclusion: Rarely has a car so much fun to drive. The however, once cost just under 80,000 euros.

Audi e-tron Sportback: The first e-tron study by Audi a short time later a second called e-tron Sportback. It’s the same in the case of series-production vehicles. Already by the end of 2019, the Ingolstadt-based E-mobile-number two send at the Start. The Sportback is flatter and coupéähnlicher, goes more in the direction of the Crossover. Under the sheet metal the same technique but to a large extent. Only one treat the model at the rear axle is a second electric motor. So it should go faster around the curves. The performance is slightly above that of the normal e-tron (408 HP). Price is expected at around 85,000 euros ready to go.

Kia E-Niro: The Niro has Kia’s first model, the it from the start, not with a conventional drive. On Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid, full battery electric Version of the E-Niro. The drive comes from Hyundai’s Kona Electric. Like this, there’s also the E-Niro with two different sized batteries. For the entry-level model 39.2 kWh 312 kilometres are promised, for the top version with 64 kWh even 485 km range. The price should be at approximately 39,000 euros .

Kia E-Soul: The E-Niro let the Koreans in the early summer, the new edition of the Soul follow. Months ago there were rumours that Kia wants to offer a small SUV with electric drive. Since the debut at the auto show in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, and that’s official. Here, too, the manufacturer operated from the group’s shelf, and makes use of the 150 kW engine in combination with the 64-kWh battery. The range is expected to be similar as for the E-Niro. The previous model cost nearly 30,000 euros. Exact Figures for the successor wants to give Kia the beginning of 2019.

Mercedes EQC: For his electric Offensive Mercedes extra a new brand founded in: EQ. That stands for “Electric Intelligence”. The first “smart” car of the EQC derived in part from the GLC, but is an independent body got. Both run in Bremen by the Band. In the 4,76 meters long SUV 80 kWh plug in energy, and two motors that send 408 horsepower and 765 Newton-meters of torque to the wheels. SUVs spun coated currently the world’s best sales opportunities. Ordered the EQC is from the 2. Quarter of 2019. Price: around 75,000 euros.

Mercedes GLC F-Cell: No car manufacturer is concerned more with the fuel cell as a Mercedes. Since the mid-nineties, the Schwaben are working on the clean drive. Now customers come in the enjoyment to fill up with hydrogen, and to drive electrically. Because there are only 50 gas stations in Germany, the developers decided that the F-Cell Plug-in Hybrid to be interpreted. The battery can be recharged at home and allows in the best case, a 51-Kilometer electric range. The hydrogen gas is sufficient for a further 427 kilometers. Buy you can rent the GLC F-Cell only. The 799 Euro per month including Service. After the agreed period the car must be returned to Mercedes.

Porsche Taycan: Already Porsche’s electric study Mission E has many Fans ecstatic. Meanwhile, the super stromer goes by the name of Taycan. It should more than be 10,000 orders. The first customers to be happy by the end of 2019. The demand shows that the Design and concept of votes and no sports car manufacturer has been able to bring the change to the electric drive yet credible over. 600 HP dozing in the Taycan. About 500 km range can be promised, and thanks to the unique 800-Volt technology is also extremely short charging times of four minutes for 100 kilometers. The price of the fun at under 100,000 eurosto start.

e. Go Life: If the Large not a small, new E-car build want, you just self-employed. Günther Schuh, chief of the e. Go Mobile AG has launched in 2018, his City-Stromer e. Go Life to series maturity. The first vehicles will be delivered in April 2019. In the weakest Version and with the smallest battery to the two-door model with just under 16,000 euros start. This is significantly cheaper than the Smart Fortwo EQ. The e. Go Life offers so much luxury and less range. Several Thousand orders have yet been received.

e-Mini: Already more than seven years ago had BMW a small fleet of Mini-models-current. The prototypes were given to selected customers, and served as a test mule for the i3. Now on the next serve. Mini is electric. However, only the classic three-door hatchback. Data is BMW’s name for no. However, it is assumed that the Briton takes on the latest battery and drive technology from the BMW i3 and this is a everyday range of 260 kilometers. Price should you to a level of 35,000 euros.

VW ID: The compact model in the Golf-size marks the beginning of a whole electric family. Volkswagen is investing billions, created a new platform that establishes new factories and wants to sell the middle of the next decade, each year more than one Million E-cars. In the ID differently sized batteries be stuck. The maximum range is according to the WLTP at about 550 kilometers. The space-saving drive architecture of the ID offers much more space than comparable conventional cars. VW wants to make it, its Stromer for the price of a well-equipped Golf Diesel to offer, therefore, for under 30,000 euros. Although VW is presenting the model at the end of 2019, the market is only the beginning of 2020.

Honda Urban EV: If Honda’s small city car is actually built like the one in September 2017 at the IAA shown study Urban EV, then it should be a success nothing stand in the way. So cool and clean is not a model of Honda was drawn. It could have been from Apple. With technical data, the Japanese are still holding back. However, a too large battery is not likely to get the Urban EV. The Name already betrays his area. And in the city it does not need a lot of capacity, nor a lot of range and a lot of weight. Also you can address the thing cheaper, with Details Honda announced later.

DS3 cross back: The seeds of this car has the French PSA group years ago with the platform CMP (Common Modular Platform). It was developed together with the Chinese Joint Venture Partner Dongfeng motor and is compatible in addition to conventional engines and electric drives. The beginning of DS makes with the DS3 cross back, followed by Peugeot with the 208. The new subsidiary, Opel brings the Corsa. All three cars are technically identical. At the end of 2019, with production scheduled to start. The engine power is 136 HP. A 50-kWh battery should allow a range of 300 kilometers. 2020 the electric kit in the Peugeot 2008 and Citroen C3, and the C3 Aircross. A price is not fixed yet.

Tesla Model 3: The Wait has come to an end. Starting in February 2019, Tesla will deliver to various start-up problems in production, finally, his middle-class sedan Model 3 in Europe. Of the former and 35,000 US dollars, there is no talk, however, is. The entry-level starts at 57.900 Euro. The reason is that Tesla offers only a lush-equipped Version with a larger battery and all-wheel drive. 75 kWh of energy content of slumber in battery, 500 kilometers, the range promises to be the Tesla. The maximum speed should be 225 km/h. The Model 3 will have for more than two years no German competitors in the Segment, then Mercedes and BMW come cars with similar premium.

Skoda e-Citigo/Seat e-Mii: While there are the VW up! since the end of 2013 as an electric variant, but it is only now that the daughter brands, Skoda and Seat to lay with your identical models, Citigo, and Mii (in the picture) the switch. For the end of 2019, the market launch is planned for the city runabouts. The two should help to reduce the CO2 consumption for the fleet and are priced cheap. A level of around 20,000 euros to keep industry experts to be realistic. The advantage of late birth, the significantly higher range as the up!. You should be around 270 miles. But also the up! will get the new battery package. Starting in 2022 VW reshuffles the cards – then all three micro accounts for probably cars in favour of new models.

Without a massive electrification of this value is not. Because E-cars will be credited with zero grams. While CO2 escapes in the atmosphere, when batteries are manufactured and electricity or hydrogen are generated for the Drive. However, with the growth of green electricity’s share of electrical cars of the year-to-year clean – and be privileged.

Manufacturers that exceed the permitted CO2 value, may face stiff fines. “You can amount to hundreds of millions of euros, not to mention the loss of image of the brand,” says Stefan Bratzel, auto expert of the Center of Automotive Management (CAM) in Bergisch Gladbach.

New company car scheme, making E-cars more attractive

Winner is the customer. Since it is assumed that the car manufacturers cost their electric cars in the coming years, as low as possible. Motto: better to gain give up as a penalty.

Another candy given the state of the drivers of business cars. For electric cars, the from 1. January 2019-bought, need to be taxed instead of the usual 1.0 percent only 0.5 percent of the gross list price as a monetary advantage.

What are the most important electric cars will come in the new year on the market, shows the Overview.

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