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Bikes that look like bikes from the seventies, are the most popular. But the clientele is the youngest. From this, a Cologne-based Designer has made a business model.


Fabian Hoberg

Fabian Hoberg

Friday, 19.10.2018
At 04:24

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Riding a motorcycle is back in the Trend. In 2008 were registered in Germany, around to 3.57 million motorcycles, 2017, according to the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) 4.31 million. More and more models and types are competing for buyers. The customers, however, are older and more comfortable. Crouched position, and grinding the end of knee on the Asphalt to make the owners a little fun. You want to enjoy the exit and let your Hobby cost something.

In the eyes of the manufacturer. After cafe racers and Scramblers, they now build Bikes in Rennoptik of Superbikes of the seventies. Among other things, BMW R nineT Racer, a machine that costs at least 13.450 Euro and an offshoot of the successful R nineT. The Problem, however, is that the machine through the long, large 17-litre fuel Tank and the far-forward positioned clip-on handlebars rides more uncomfortable and unwieldy.

Motorcycle types – an Overview

    Cafe Racer Series of motorcycles, the sixties race bikes are modified with a low Handlebar, race number panels and a small bench seat with hump. The Name comes from the Ace Café in London, in front of the Rocker met the beginning of the sixties and the roads in the area with motorcycle racing unsafe.

    Scrambler are the forerunners of today’s trail bikes. They feature heavy-tread tyres and a high mounted exhaust.

    With the retro racers is a further development of the Café Racer. There are race bikes with clip-on handlebars,narrower fairing and hump seat. The difference between Café racers lies in the delicate headlight fairing. To prevent the Wind from the driver, forcing him to a lying position.

The Cologne-based motorcycle designer Jens vom Brauck did not want to accept that. He bought a BMW R nineT Racer and optimized the machine for so long until you drove a sporty looking and much better. Vom Brauck is no stranger in the scene: For more than 16 years of age he devoted himself under the name of JvB-Moto, built to the Tune of motorcycles, machines, and prototypes for Ducati, Yamaha and MZ. His philosophy: motorcycles easier to make, unnecessary parts removed and heavy add-on parts to replace. So far, he was devoted to cafe racers and Scramblers, a retro racer.

In the case of the nineT Racer it should not remain this time in a single piece

Last year he took on behalf of BMW R nineT Scrambler, presented the results at international Meetings and fairs. As a single-piece, only for the eye. But to show close-to-standard enough, what can get Customizer from the Scrambler. Around 20 kilograms less, the 110-HP machine weighs, according to his tag, and it is going with the small Tank and narrow seat more direct than the standard model.

In the case of the nineT Racer it should not stay this time, in the case of a single-piece, therefore, changed from Brauck the Tank, it would have been too time-consuming. He replaced the Handlebars higher, moved him closer to the driver. Thus he defused the previously extreme Seating position. Thanks to a new rear end to be slightly higher single bench seat, the Pilot moves forward, stretches less about the Tank and drives more relaxed.

Photo gallery

BMW R nineT Racer-tag:
Back-friendly posern

The standard width and the dominant cover for the air intake duct of the Designer shaped a subtle. In the modified headlight cover, a LED sits now headlight with daytime running light ring, the so-called Angel eyes. In the rear is a small brake light and the turn signal plug in discreetly at the sides. As a result, the Racer will appear slimmer and toned. About ten kilograms lost before, about 220 kilograms of heavy machine after the Revision. “It was for me, but not about the weight, but better Handling, a more comfortable Seating position and a delicate Design,” says Jens vom Brauck. The machine he bought at a dealer, just to show the big Bike a little Sleeker.

Fabian Hoberg

Flashy front light – the so-called Angel eyes

About two days are needed for the complete rebuild of a machine

Despite the fairing, the Racer is but not a pure-bred racing machine. Remote base the nineT-series, the travel Enduro GS. A touring machine that weighs in at because of the shaft drive more than a motorcycle with a chain. For this, it works maintenance-free, the brawny 1.2-Liter two-cylinder Boxer engine with 110 HP and 116 Newton-meter a lot of power and torque. From the Arrow-Exhaust-muffler, the exhaust gases escape quite dominant, he is louder than the original part. So like 40 years ago, as a large volume of Japanese and Italian machines, the motorcycle market is dominated. They put not only more power, but for the first time on a larger panel. The Benelli 750 SEI, BMW R 90 S or a Ducati 900 SS. And as it is in fashion: Everything comes back.

The BMW Racer was to recall the historic athletes of the R 90 S of 1973, at the time, one of the fastest production motorcycles in the world. When the driver looks through the small pane of the pulpit, feels the Pilot as in the case of the Tourist Trophy. The race on the Isle of Man is considered to be the long-distance motorcycle race in the world, since 1907, racer the bet to. Since 1911, 257 pilots died on the course.

“The Tradition of the Cafe-Racer with clip-on handlebars dates from the time when there was to buy for private persons, not pure racing machines. With a few tuning parts you could lean on your machines to their idols visually,” says vom Brauck. The motorcycles were often unwieldy and uncomfortable, interested, at the time, no – the drivers were mostly young.

Similar to the machines of the late seventies

Today it is different. In order older motorcycle riders benefit from a comfortable ride, JvB-Moto, most of the Tuning parts for the BMW soon. Customers can order them individually or completely and even on your build machines. About two days you need for the complete rebuild, paint not included, however. In the case of the wheel cover made of Carbon is not fixed yet, whether from Brauck in series can produce. But even with clip-on handlebars, narrower fairing and hump seat his Version looks sporty, almost like the machines of the late seventies.

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