If the safety training ends in a Crash

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Safety is also a matter of Practice. Car clubs and car insurance companies recommend to their members, to safety training. But what if your car remains on the track?

Wednesday, 29.09.2004
At 17:09

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Photo: GMS

ADAC driver training: is the Spin program

Berlin Is damaged in a car during a safety training, it is allowed to hope of the owners on a settlement of the claim by the fully comprehensive insurance. A fair judgment of the higher regional court in Karlsruhe, the working group traffic law in the German lawyers Association in Berlin to the attention of.

The safety training of a Maserati driver on the Hockenheim-Ring ended up with a total loss of the expensive sports car. His insurance company refused to pay the claim. The case ended up before the higher regional court in Karlsruhe, and found the claims of the car driver to be justified.

Finally, the event would have served to improve driving safety. Accordingly, the insurance industry has to take the damage. It would have acted in the exercise, however, Exercise for a race, would have remained the Maserati driver on his damage. Such an event case in the insurance conditions laid down risk of exclusion.

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