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In a few weeks, starts the electric car racing series formula E. Our author Tom Grünweg is the original E-tron F05 hazards, with the Audi the title of world champion wants to defend. An extreme experience.



Tom Grünweg

Tom Grünweg

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Tuesday, 13.11.2018
At 05:29

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The first impression: Batman game mobile. Because the new formula-E cars are the big spoilers from the formula 1, the car looks even racier, faster, nastier. As an interstellar fighter jet on wheels.

Says the manufacturer: For the outgoing Audi chief technology officer Peter Mertens is of the formula E racing cars, the forerunner of an electric Offensive. After all, he was the forerunner of the SUV E-tron, with which Audi is now on the road to electric mobility. While the company is a production model will be a bit late, it was for the first time in the pre-season 2017/2018 used race cars very fast. And won in the debut year of the world champion title.

The we noticed: Inhale, pull in your stomach and just not self-pitying. Even the Boarding on the E-tron is an ordeal. While compared to conventional sports cars, sometimes with a Maßhandschuh, because they fit so well, feels the formula E racing car more like a thrombosis sock, so tight in the tube made of carbon. And since nobody has been imposed on the helmet and the Neck protector, or the suspender straps lashed.

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Autograph Audi E-tron F05:
E as extremely

So I’m lying a hand’s breadth above the Asphalt of a race track in Mallorca, and can barely move more than my feet on Gas and brake to rest. The elbows have just as much game in the square, with buttons strewn Lenkgriffe move. And only with the greatest effort I can reduce the chin so far that I can look at the Monitor and his confusing messages.

Before I get into Pondering about the Why’s and Wherefore’s, a mechanic with the charging cable. I feel suddenly very alone and inexperienced.

Although there were prior to the Start of a lecture on all of the control buttons, and a safety briefing for the electric drive. Finally, a voltage of 700 volts is present in the cables around me. From earbuds to the pit radio croaks. But almost everything that I realized I first washed up now, a wave of adrenaline from the memory. So excited and so nervous I sat in the car.

The formula E aims to drive race basically simple. Step on the Gas, braking, steering – the more you do not need to do. Almost like on the Carrera track, only in a real formula E car and not next to the railway with a control device in the Hand.

Then it’s on. A movement of the foot, the E-tron shoots with ridiculous pace on the slopes, and streaks of the grandstand on the edge of the road blurred, and it pushes me so deep into the seat that the tight belt is suddenly airy. That this apparent missile launch takes place in absolute silence, may be for spectators of the strange, the feeling in the car is all the more fascinating. In normal electric cars, there is a lack to me, Yes to noise, odor, Vibration, in short, to sensations, which represent for me the fun of driving. But here the senses have so much to do, that I can dispense with such an accessory.

Only right now, since the first curve zooms. On the Straight all the powerful cars are fast, but what is the E-tron in the curve of power, this is bordering on magic. The steering is more direct than anything I’ve ever experienced – the line tighter, the Grip of the warmed-up profile tires stronger. So the E-tron is chasing incredibly fast around the corner. The ultimate force of the brake during braking in a normal sports car, and the wheel is turned, has it happened here already the vertex and is back on the accelerator pedal, until after a few seconds the next curve. Because that’s exactly how the town rates on which the formula E is on the way, is also full of nooks and crannies of this track, and no Straight is longer than 100 or 150 meters.

Makes nothing. Because that’s enough to accelerate in less than three seconds at speeds of up to 150 or 180. It is not the top speed that impressed. The 240 km/h, which indicates Audi as a tip, you can with a TT. Here, by contrast, latching the pulse with the car in order to bet and win in every curve. Every Time I step on the Pedal, gets not only the Motor, but also my heart a power surge. Well, that to me is the race Director only six rounds of grants. More would not go along with my cycle.

The need to know: The E-tron F05 is based on the second Generation of the unit car, with the racing Federation FIA formula E denies. It is used for the first Time, when the fifth season on may 15. December starts in Riyadh. New in comparison to the first model, the Design with the distinctive safety bar made of carbon over the Cockpit and especially the battery, the McLaren has developed. The now has a capacity of 52 kWh. That’s enough with a bit of skill and vision for a full race distance of 45 minutes plus a lap. The previously required change of vehicle half of the race. Because also an exciting tactic element is eliminated, have come up with the organisers a couple of new rules to provide for the thrill. So there is for each pilot once per race a little power, plus he can have three to four rounds to attack. Already no longer a trademark of the formula E Fan Boost, where the three most popular drivers Extra power.

While the Chassis and battery package are the same for all, can develop each manufacturer of the E-Motor and power electronics. The performance, in turn, is regulated. In the Training and in the Fan Boost for Audi, together with Schaeffler developed the Motor-Generator unit on the rear axle 250 kW, in the race there are usually 200 and in Attack-Mode for the Bonus round of 225 kW. Compared with the 300 kW of the series E-tron is not very spectacular. However, while the SUV brings a good two tons on the scale, you may weigh-in of the formula-E-racing car with driver for a maximum of 900 pounds. It makes it incomparably faster and more agile.

I will not forget The relief with which I the car after six rounds, healing to the Box turned off. Finally, the E-tron F05 is not as usual at such a Track-testing an old racer from last season, but with the exact car, with Daniel Abt and Lucas di Grassi their title as Team world champion want to defend. This increased the pressure and the thrill once again. Still, I could always continue.

Vehicle registration certificate


E-Tron F05

Formula E Race Car

Electric motor



Power (E-Motor):
250 HP

From 0 to 100:
2.9 s

Maximum speed:
240 km/h

900 kg

5200 / 1800 / 1250

1.000.000 EUR

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