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If SUV, then at least with E-drive – Hyundai makes the controversial car genre a little bit socially acceptable. Range and amenities of the Kona EV are not lush, slowing down the car.



Tom Grünweg

Tom Grünweg

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Saturday, 08.09.2018
07:30 PM

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The first impression: SUV or soap? The Kona has the usual terrain-proportions, but the body has been optimized in the wind tunnel and looks almost a bit slippery.

The manufacturer says: “
Hyundai is now an electric-car brand,” says Hyundai spokesman Bernhard Voss. After all, Korea offers a niche manufacturer with the types of Ioniq, the fuel cell model Nexo, and now the Kona EV already three series with a current drive – more than any German manufacturer. The customer has spoken clearly, as well. For the Kona anyway, there are already more than a thousand orders, which is the quota for this year is exhausted. The same is true for the pure electric Ioniq, which is also sold out until well into next year, as Voss has to give.



We noticed that: Driving for the first Time with the Kona EV, remains almost the spit away. Who delivers custom, in accordance with the accelerator pedal, starts with screeching tires, so much oomph, the Stromer developed. The feeling of the spontaneous acceleration does not break down as quickly. Therefore, one is glad that the car is equipped with a Head-up Display and the speed. Of slowing down in any case, there can be no question in this Stromer. Only on the highway it gets a little tough and for Overtaking at speeds of 130, you need a long breath. At 167 km/h, the electronics applies the brakes on the car anyway.

The brake pedal can let the driver actually, most of the time unnoticed. Like all electric cars you drive, the Kona EV with a Pedal and lifts easy on the accelerator, if you want to delay. Then, the electric motor becomes a Generator, feeds back the excess motion as electrical energy in the battery and stops the car. How strong will be delayed, with two Levers on the steering Wheel in four stages. It pulls to the left, the brake resistance is bigger, right is smaller, so that the car rolls longer. If you have miscalculated, you keep pressed the left lever simply changes in the maximum delay level, and stops the cars virtually by Hand.

This is unusual at first, but still so catchy that you have it internalized after five minutes. And because you do 69 kWh battery capacity and a fuel consumption of considerably less than 15 kW per 100 kilometers of driving, no Worries about the range, the Kona EV as all the other small SUV’s that fill our cities.

Therefore it is necessary the Kona EV not only with electric cars like the Opel Ampera, Renault Zoe or the Nissan Leaf compare to whom he is superior in Design and in the range at least equal. In comparison to conventional competitors such as the Renault Capture, or the upcoming VW T-Cross scores to the Hyundai, especially with a lush interior. Because the batteries take up space, he’s not quite as spacious in the rear and in the trunk, and especially not as variable as the conventionally-powered competitors. A sliding rear seat, for example, the Kona EV.

Take a look in the interior of the 360°photo Hyundai Kona EV – with our 360-degree photo:

To push the price to an attractive level, Hyundai saved, apparently, violently with some materials. Thus, the interior of which is processed well, and there are a lot of Extras to the seat ventilation, but this is a lot of plastic around the occupant’s hard and is comparatively cheap.

The need to know that Hyundai has not one but two variants of the Kona EV in the offer. From 34.600 Euro, the manufacturer offers a Version with a 100-kW Motor and 39 kWh of battery, and from 39.000 Euro, there is a E-machine with an output of 150 kW and a battery with 69 kWh of storage capacity. However, even the cheaper of the two Stromer is about twice as expensive, we of the Kona with a 120-horsepower gasoline engine.

The entry-level version of Kona EV comes to the test well 300 miles. The stronger variant is advertised with a range of 540 kilometers. It loads to a 100-kW-pillar, are both batteries after 54 minutes at 80 percent; at a Wallbox with a 230-Volt voltage, a charging phase lasts up to 9:40 hours.

To the battery and the consuming drive Hyundai still packs loads of equipment. The basic model is headlights standard with LED, adaptive cruise control and a navigation system together with the back-up camera equipped. There is also Kona EV digital cockpit instruments, as they are known from the fuel-cell car in Nexo.

We will not forget: The range of graphics on the onboard computer, the battery is fully charged to Frankfurt around in a circle to far behind Luxembourg, Hamburg, Berlin and Munich draws. The radius of action is so remarkable, the Design is pleasing and the car is a total of the masses: electro-mobility in everyday life.

Vehicle registration certificate


Kona EV


Electric motor



Power (E-Motor):
204 HP (150 kW)

Torque (Electric Motor):
395 Nm

From 0 to 100:
The 7.6 s

Maximum speed:
167 km/h

373 litre

1,800 kg

4180 / 1800 / 1570

39.000 EUR

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