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With the manipulation scandal of the “Yellow angel” began a year ago, the crisis of the ADAC. Now report have been suspended, according to media executives, and his co-worker: you should have been in their own pockets lined.

13 months ago, the ADAC separated suddenly from his head of communications: He had doctored the votes cast in the election for “favorite car of the Germans”. From then on, new inconsistencies came for a week to the light of day, including the private use of the rescue helicopter (with a list of all the revelations you find here). Now a Top Manager has to go, surprisingly. This time it comes to massive enrichment allegations. The “Süddeutsche Zeitung”reported.

A long-time Manager of the auto club and his assistant is accused, over the years on the ADAC-invoice the Goods or vouchers are purchased and then used for herself and let a company that works for the ADAC as a service provider, among other things, vacations in Spain have financed. The exact damage is still to quantify, the newspaper quoted a ADAC-Insider. It was, however, “very many individual cases over a number of years, and therefore the sum is also a great deal of money”.

The Affected were suspended, according to the report, and to the reconditioning of the allegations by the service. The Manager should coordinate with the ADAC, the cooperation with around a thousand private roadside assistance and towing services, the disengagement, if required, in behalf of the automobile clubs.

The Department was a “swamp of corruption and advantage-taking” complain about private car breakdown services, according to the “süddeutsche Zeitung” for a long time. In 2014 they sent a nine-page Wutbrief to the ADAC. Apparently, they had not investigated the allegations until Recently, but, seriously, the report says.

The case for the auto club now untimely: managing Director Thomas Kagermeier, who had been brought in as a Savior from the outside into the crisis-stricken Club, leaving the ADAC already the end of February after only nine months.


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