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Anyone who drives on the highway, she sees constantly: brown-and-white signs indicating the “Wilseder Berg”, “götzenburg Jagsthausen”, or the “motorway Church Gelmroda”. The idea comes from France, since 1984, the tourist sign forest also grows with us.

By Jürgen Pander

Friday, 11.08.2006
At 16:18

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Two times three feet tall standing next to the stand stripe. Your colour is earth-brown and white, they show buildings, landscapes, or for the particular area of the typical Details in the pictogram style, your lettering is in sans-serif linear Antiqua. And especially: “It”, as Marco Schmidt has observed of the Federal highway research Institute in Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany – and with it the millions of car drivers. “Roswitha town of Bad Gandersheim” to read or “convent city Waldsassen,” or “historic old town of Beeskow”.


“Bach in Leipzig”:
Under the direction of the Board of the A14 between Halle and Leipzig

“The ride home customer in Passing,” says Thomas Hessling from the automotive club, the ADAC, the panels themselves as the inventors of this disclosure – as the official vocabulary referred to in this country. The first sign was installed in 1984 on the Autobahn, near Stuttgart, with the inscription “Burg Teck”. Since the tourist Use of the panels has spread, grow inflationary from the edge of the strip. And often can not agree on the local and regional tourism associations, on what is to be noted, because the space is limited.

And, although the first, from the 1988 Directive was amended under the direction of the boards three years ago. The plates were allowed to indicate up to then, only on points of interest in “the immediate vicinity of the highway” and had a minimum separation distance of the shield-to-shield of 20 kilometers, are allowed according to the amendment, the signs are all ten kilometers, and the notice must relate only to the objectives “in the vicinity of the highway”. In principle, it should be pointed out, therefore, on everything, because a motorway is always somewhere in the vicinity.

Of course, grants Hessling, each shield is also of a political nature, and it’s true that there’s some wool to put a monument. “It should not be too many,” he says, but basically, the boards were a great thing, the boring car rides loosen up, the conversation stimulating, and could generally promote education.

The first colorful sign in Koblenz

Strange appears, however, that some of the instructions are very General – such as “the Ruhr area”, “Breisgau” or “Lüneburger Heide”, while others in the very special sights, such as the “Binger mouse tower”, the “visit to the platform of the airport Munich” or “the castle be”. The latter, incidentally, is the first sign that the classic brown-and-white color through colorful elements, in this case, there are butterflies on the castle silhouette is loosened up.

But with rough details of foreign received by travelers a basic orientation or more specifically tips for excursions given the approximately 4000 euros for the establishment of a under the direction of the Board factored in, according to the most tourism organizations with relevant experience, money well spent. And also the Renner Verlag in Horben has developed with the help of the brown-and-white panels, a revenue source. Meanwhile, there are already seven volumes in the series “journey of discovery highway”, which contain detailed information on the signs presented targets.

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