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Optical extravagance and unrestricted everyday use – it is probably not unite. At least not in the new CLA Shooting Brake. Looking for a compact station wagon spectacular, but combined qualities of miss.



Tom Grünweg

Tom Grünweg

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Tuesday, 10.03.2015
11:17 PM

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The first impression: Beautiful or weird? Elegant or strange? Even more than the already controversial CLA four-door differ on the Shooting, the spirits of the Brake. Spontaneous enthusiasm is different. But, in contrast to conventional station wagons such as VW Golf Variant, or the Seat Leon ST everyone has this car is at least equal to an opinion.

Says the manufacturer: Daimler-Chef Dieter Zetsche speaks during the Shooting Brake from “the fifth Chapter of a success story”. Finally, Mercedes has sold since the Start of the new front-wheel drive family in 2011, with four variants, in the meantime, more than a Million and in the last year alone about 460,000 cars in the compact class.

The Mini-Mercedes to lower the average age in the customer master, and, in particular, the CLA is apparently as a conqueror, says series boss Jochen Eck: In the U.S. 80, and in Europe at least 50 percent of the CLA-drivers of other brands. This Rate is intended to increase the Shooting Brake now.

We noticed that: “So beautiful can be practical” – the likes of the Mercedes at the new Shooting Brake. But it is not only about the beauty of this car can be quite contentious, the practicality is at least worthy of discussion. Obviously, if you change the length nothing and his combo, then a decidedly sleek coupe-line tailors, you may not expect.

But why have you missed the car such a high loading edge with a deep stage behind, and a tailgate, which is tapered such that a large suitcase will fit only the length of the hatch? Also a three-split rear seat is significantly cheaper combos now commonplace – the CLA Shooting Brake. But the style of this car is just about storage space, and who want a really practical Baby Benz, you can buy the B-class. Which is not only spacious, but with a comparable technology, but also nearly 3000 euros cheaper.

After all, the compartment for the backbenchers is a real benefit. Because with the new roof line, the doors are larger and therefore, the approach is more convenient. But, above all, the car offers significant four inches more headroom in the rear.

On the front seats the car feels like any other Compact Mercedes, with the exception of some hochbeinigeren B-class: You are sitting close to the Asphalt, and is collected from the Cockpit, literally. Anyone who works long enough with the Infotainment System and the phone goes online, learns the at first glance, old-fashioned Command-package as a surprisingly modern window to the digital world.

The need to know: If the Shooting Brake at the end of March in the trade, then it starts at 29.810 Euro and it costs 600 euros more than the four-door CLA Coupé. The surcharge is skinny, but there are also a lot more car. Because in the basic configuration, the Luggage compartment grows by just 25 to 495 liters. Only those who can provide for 380 euros, the Cargo package orders, and thus the backrest a bit steeper, gaining 100 liters more space. Or you can fold down the rear bench. Then the trunk grows up to 1354 liters. The are more than in the Audi A3 Sportback (1220 litres) or in the BMW’s (1200 liters). But a VW Golf Variant have a capacity of nearly 300 litres, the Skoda Octavia is ahead of the CLA, even to 400 liters. And also the B-class has a space advantage of 200 litres.

To Start, there are in addition to the extravagant AMG model with 360 HP three petrol and two slightly grumpy diesel engines, covering a power range from 122 to 211 HP and with all-wheel drive will be offered. With the fastest CLA 240 km/h are possible and the most economical is the diesel 3.9 and the petrol engines with 5.5 liters satisfied. The car is on paper at least, is comparatively economical, is also due to the streamlined body.

Let us not forget: From the inside, the Shooting Brake, a station wagon full of compromises. Not only when Loading, it is difficult unusual. But, above all, the look back ends in anger, because you can see through the embrasure of the rear disc is now really nothing. It is just a difference, whether a car looks rear good, or whether you look good out the back.

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