Jaguar Land Rover opens new plant in Slovakia

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The new plant Jaguar Land Rover in Nitra already produces the Land Rover Discovery.

The group Jaguar-Land Rover has inaugurated a new factory in Nitra, Slovakia. The company employs 1,500 people and has hosted the production of the Land Rover Discovery.

Jaguar Land Rover continues its strategy of internationalisation. Having created a joint-venture in China in 2014 and opened a factory in Brazil in 2016, the firm indo-british opens a new production site in Nitra in Slovakia. While other manufacturers are already present in the country such as Volkswagen, PSA and Kia, Jaguar-Land Rover becomes the first british to gain a foothold in Slovakia.


To diversify production in anticipation of the Brexit

Among the reasons for this location, the cost of labour relatively low compared to countries in western Europe has undoubtedly played. But it is also certain that the prospect of a “Brexit” no agreement has strongly encouraged the manufacturer to diversify its production sites on the european continent. It is in any case a good news for Slovakia, for which the automotive industry already represents 44 % of the total industrial production.

The factory in Nitra currently employs 1 500 people and 850 new recruits are expected to join the workforce at the end of the year. With an area of 300, 000m2, this site allows you to produce 150,000 vehicles per year. The first model to be assembled is the Land Rover Discovery and there is no doubt that others are expected to join later, such as the new Defender, announced for 2020.


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