Judge sets Frankfurt deadline for clean air

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It also comes in Frankfurt to the ban on diesel driving? A judge has now called for the first time, a period when the city must have implemented their so-called clean air plan.

In Hamburg, have been in force since 31. May diesel driving bans, Frankfurt, a similar scenario threatens. In the process, the presiding judge at the administrative court of Wiesbaden has expressed clear ideas of when the city must have met their goals for clean air. The air plan, the limit values for pollutants are specified, should occur until February of next year. By 2020 at the latest and then the first positive changes in the pollutant load should be.

The German environmental aid (DUH) had complained, because in Hessen’s largest city, nitrogen oxide limits are exceeded. In the process, it’s about how the air must be changed in plan, these values in the future to comply with.

The action of the DUH is directed formally against the state of Hesse, which is for the updating of these plans, responsible. Air pollution by nitrogen oxides can lead to, for example, respiratory – and cardiac-triggered diseases or exacerbated.

In addition to a potential ban on older diesel vehicles, measures such as a reduction in the diesel fleet of the city and land management, a better steering of traffic flows, public TRANSPORT (Public transport) with more electric vehicles and the Expansion of bike lanes were discussed at the hearing. Clearly contrasting assessments were mainly on the question of whether a voluntary software update from diesel vehicles, which brings the desired effects.

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