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The Kia ProCeed will be presented to the World of the Self, but delivered from the first quarter of 2019. Its tariffs are not yet known.

After our first test of a prototype camouflaged, we went in front-first at Kia Motors Europe in Frankfurt to get acquainted with the new ProCeed in its livery of series.

After the Ceed was launched in the beginning of the year, here is the ProCeed : a shooting brake – a first in the constructor of the ota, which is part of a program of four vehicles, all of which are developed on the same platform. Previously, the term ProCeed was used by a coupe, but the body-three-door are no longer a recipe. Now, if the compact sedan are still in demand, the SUV, and profiles the most spectacular have the wind in their sails.

Read. First test of the Kia ProCeed 1.6 GT, 204 ch

Made in the GT version, which comes which also appears on the Ceed, ProCeed to adopt a sporty look, with 18-inch wheels and appendages of the body that receive inserts of red colour. But the other trim level, GT Line, and be able to choose a larger engine-wise while maintaining this dynamic line. Simply, tucks in red will become gray.

The rear part of the Kia ProCeed seems to be prominent but not unsightly. The Kia ProCeed will be delivered with 18-inch wheels standard on its GT version. 100 % european

The ProCeed occurred, as the Ceed hatchback and SW, in the factory of Zillina, Slovakia. In addition, it was designed in Germany by the team of Gregory Guillaume, a Frenchman who defers to Peter Schryer, star of the German design debauched at Audi by the Korean manufacturer in the mid-2000s to redo the entire product range.

The front grille of the Kia ProCeed hosts of the honeycomb red. The front fascia of the Kia ProCeed has a red-rimmed.

Designed and manufactured in Europe, therefore, the ProCeed there will also be only sold in Asia and America not being particularly intensive, this kind of vehicle. Long of 4.60 m – as the SW – the ProCeed is, however, significantly lower : 1.42 m against 1.47 m for the break. And if it displays a boot volume that is nearly identical – 594 liters compared to 600 litres for the SW – the bunkers are not cut the same way, and the break offers logically a better payload capacity seats folded, and more practicality.

The Kia ProCeed is the first shooting brake generalist. The Kia ProCeed is receiving bars serving to compartmentalize the trunk.


A interior more fun

This version adopts sport seats, colour buttons and a wheel with flat. Because of this, the cabin seems more sexy than the Ceed sedan, but in reality it is exactly the same in terms of design and equipment. The 7 inch touch screen (8 inches optional), the quality of the materials, the ergonomics of the controls, everything is to the taste of the day, apart from the combined instrumentation with needle, Peugeot and Volkswagen have made obsolete with their blocks 100 % digital.

The dashboard of the ProCeed is correct. The steering wheel on the flat and is specific to the GT version. The Kia ProCeed GT receives specific seats with the contours more pronounced.

If this shooting brake had passed this not technology, pushing its exclusive character, it had been no fault. But it makes up for by a level of complete equipment, and if we do not know the details of the range, it seems clear that the two versions, GT Line and GT, will be richly endowed. On this point, it is important to note that if the Ceed glue on the market, with the braking autonomous emergency (including pedestrian detection), the system of lane departure warning, road lights automatic or the detector of fatigue, the ProCeed will not be less. The company may receive in series the adaptive cruise control with maintaining in the line, but also the seats are heated and ventilated, and even the heated steering wheel.

The interior of the Kia ProCeed is the same as the Ceed, but to adopt specific elements of this GT version.


Three gasoline engines, a diesel

Kia plays the card of sportsmanship, with high-end a block 1.6 turbo 204 hp, tried it out in our hands-on of the prototype. But in the entry level range, the ProCeed will also be available with the three-cylinder engine 1.0 T-GDI (120 hp), while the new 1.4 turbo 140 hp, released under the hood of the Ceed, will also be of the party. Diesel, on the other hand, a single choice through the 1.6 CRDi 136 ch.

The equipment level of the Kia ProCeed will be logically complete. Two finishes will be offered. sThe engine of 204 hp is a partner for the first time to the dual-clutch automatic transmission.

Side transmission, if the 1.0 will have to be satisfied with a manual gearbox six-speed, the other engines may receive an automatic transmission with double clutch and 7 speeds. Eventually, when the fourth body – definitely a small SUV – will go on sale, Kia think that the ProCeed will be 20 % of the sales of models built on its platform, K2, and therefore a good vehicle for profitability.


More expensive than the Ceed SW

On the rate side, if we consider the gap of 1 000 € between the sedan and the SW, we can infer that the ProCeed will start even higher

1 000 € in comparison to the high-end version, Edition #1. This would provide an entry-level barely above 26 000 € for the version 1.0 T-GDi, and barely 30 000 € for the delivered diesel. Will the GT and its 204 hp, which could cap the range of around 35 000 €, but certainly with a beautiful penalty to the key.

Kia ProCeed


Balance Sheet Kia ProCeed

We can only recognize the audacity of Kia, which cleared the segment of shooting brake generalists. So far, only the brands premium, such as Mercedes with its CLA shooting Brake, there were aventurées. But the evolution of the demand, as is the ability of builders to build multiple models on a single platform with engines and interiors the same, to offer a future to models that are more exotic, but high-margin. For an investment that is measured, the ProCeed not only allows Kia to improve its image in Europe, but to make ends meet month by offering a range of models ever wider. We now understand better why year on year the brand beat its sales record in our region.

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