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Fifty years after the cinema Start of “Bullitt” with Steve McQueen one of the most famous movie cars comes back on the road: Ford Mustang Bullitt. He has totally fallen out of the time – that is its strength.



Tom Grünweg

Tom Grünweg

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Tuesday, 30.10.2018
At 04:21

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The first impression: the King of Cool. In the movie “Bullitt” playing Steve McQueen the coolest Cop from San Francisco who drives a cool Ford Mustang Fastback. Ornaments, sills, or Spoiler not the car.

Says the manufacturer: the Ford Mustang is a legend, the most successful sports car of all time is one and just the brand of tens of millions of copies sold since 1964, has exceeded all the lead men, like Tom Barnes, not least, on the Thriller “Bullitt” from 1968. While the Muscle Car was already very successful because it was evidently in the spirit of that time. “The legendary chase in the streets of San Francisco brings the myth of the Mustang to the point and has triggered a worldwide enthusiasm that continues to this day,” says Barnes, the technical project Manager of the car. “We want to fuel more to keep the legend alive.”


Tom Grünweg

The we noticed: At first glance, the new Ford Bullitt like a cheap special model. But behind the wheel opens up to the driver quickly, the idea of the car. On the one Hand on the steering Wheel, the other on the cool billiard ball at the end of the short gearshift knob, and the right foot on the accelerator – and you feel like Steve McQueen as Lieutenant Frank Bullitt and waiting for a Director calls “Action”.

And Action it has to offer, the Bullitt abundant, even if the V8 engine in the special model has been developed only ten more HP than the standard model. But thanks to the intake tract and the motor control unit of the Shelby GT 500 the machine is breathing free, fast, revs higher and feels brighter. You will notice at full throttle, when the Bullitt reached 263 km/h (instead of 250 km/h), and even more so when Overtaking. Because, especially in the area of between 80 and 120 km/h, the Bullitt is much more elastic and commencement faster.

Take a look in the interior of the Mustang Bullitt – with our 360-degree photo:

The Motor with the new dampers power exhaust music, that you need the car’s built-in B&O system with 1000 watts of power basically. To listen the Mustang Bullitt Heavy Metal from Motown and the plays under the hood. Of course the Ford engineers don’t know that this Sound is for music and have therefore built a special circuit. And a Timer for the exhaust special rest periods in order to program let can be found deep in the menus.

Photo gallery

Autograph Ford Mustang Bullitt:
Comeback of a movie star

What is the Bullitt is still a bit clearer than the normal Mustang, is the originality, with the help of this sports car makes the muscles. Although there are digital instruments, and traction control. Although the electronics is reduced with targeted Between changes of the throttle stick, the rpm jumps when Shifting. Although the buyer surcharge gets a suspension, with the electro-metal particles in the Oil of the damper magnets in a frantic pace, so that the chassis is always trimmed perfectly. Basically, but the Bullitt is an anachronistic, analogue and authentic car. The V8 engine is designed after old fathers custom and also sounds like when he talks, bubbling, or roaring. The steering is comparatively blunt. Even if the current Mustang is the best of the past 54 years, will have to fight the driver of the ideal line is still a little.

The must know: The same dark green paint, the simple appearance and the brute-commencement – so mimics the new Bullitt, the 1968 GT Fastback, the first car 50 years ago, in a movie, a type of automotive the main role played. The Original car from the movie production appeared only in the beginning of the year in Detroit. It was equipped with the mounting AIDS for camera and co., and was otherwise in the original, rather dilapidated state. After the film, the car toured about a half of a year for PR operations of Ford around the world, is likely to have increased the value. In the seventies, the current owner bought it for around 4000 dollars, tell you when Ford, now have him put to auction houses, more than six million dollars.

The new model will cost a comparatively modest EUR 52,500. There are advanced equipment, including the Infotainment velvet B&O Sound, and a Parking assistance system with rearview camera. The billiard ball as a shift knob is a quote from the movie and just feels terrific. Therefore, you have to be a Ford almost grateful that the company was looking for this component for a long time after a supplier, rather than the idea of tick. Also such Details of the car benefit. “The quota for Germany is already largely sold,” says the European Ford-project Manager Matthias Tonn.

We will not forget: The futile search for a Ford – or at least a Mustang Logo. Like the Original from the movie, the new Bullitt is driving undercover. But it doesn’t matter. The Mustang is recognize right off the bat, and for some sports-car customer a car without a Ford sign almost even more attractive.

Vehicle registration certificate


Mustang Bullitt


V8 Diesel

Six-Speed Manual Transmission


5.038 CC

460 HP (338 kW)

529 Nm

From 0 to 100:
4.6 s

Maximum speed:
263 km/h

Consumption (ECE):
12.4 liters of

CO2 emissions:
277 g/km

408 liters

1.818 kg

4789 / 1916 1382

52.500 EUR

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