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FXDR 114 with a lot of oomph and a lot of rubber.
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The tenth model of the still relatively new Softail platform is the result of serious efforts to make it a real edge from a motorcycle to a movement talent. A first test ride with the Harley-Davidson FXDR 114.

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          Everything is relative. This is even true for a Harley-Davidson. 303 kilograms are relatively much for a motorcycle with a sporty character. For a massive Big-Twin power cruiser from Milwaukee, by contrast, 303 pounds are relatively little. It is, as always, on the look angle.

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          The tenth model of the still relatively new Softail platform is a very special one. A: It has no name. His brothers and sisters, hot, Fat Bob, Fat Boy, Slim, Low Rider, Breakout and so on, this here’s just the cool name FXDR 114. For the Second: It is the result of serious efforts to make it a real edge from a motorcycle to a movement talent, primarily through Weight reduction. “We have given us great effort,” says Ben Wright, chief engineer of the Softail series.

          As a thank you for the efforts of the engine Company are to be transferred 25.155 Euro. This is the sum, for the a from October to a FXDR 114 is left, in addition to the costs already included. What’s certain, special features that are not present in other Softails, and the worried glances of the neighborhood.

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          The FXDR in your from Drag Racing-derived muscle design makes on acceleration monster, King of the traffic Light sprint with a rear tire of the intimidating Format. The 240-mm-roller drives a narrow, of a flat the USD forks run 120mm in front of it, while the driver is hanging halves of semi-high-mounted Handlebar, the Humming from the murder of exhaust among themselves heard, the right knee against a never-before-seen air filter housing of an enormous size presses, in the corner of the eye, the High-speed of digital speed gauge is true and the fact that the low placed seat pan holds the buttocks in place.

          Harley-Davidson is confident that the driver knows what he’s doing. The Milwaukee-Eight of 114 with nearly 1.9 liters of displacement brings the roller to break into a sweat and especially on a not perfect surface to spin, if somewhat hard on the Gas. The thickness of the V-Twin is a velvet gloves supporting the perpetrators of violence with 160 Newton meters in the past. At 3500 rpm, he unleashed the full thrust. Thanks to revised intake and exhaust tract a few Newton meters more torque than in the rest of the Softail models, slightly less peak power, which is rated at 91 HP (67 kW) at 4500 rpm and nothing to be desired. To wish the traction control would be. Because the developers would have thought of that, says chief engineer Wright. But they are not as yet so far.

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          Wright or wrong, trouble, trouble her – all wide tire Harleys is the most 190 km/h the end of the race FXDR 114. It has the most cornering clearance, cushions good, shifts great, brakes excellent, sporty by curvy climes. A certain amount of sluggishness is in the nature of things, but the feeling that the mass deal, tend to be part of the fun as a spoiler of the same.

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