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Glass shatters, metal shredded, the steel will bend – in the port of Baltimore, American customs and border control cars your destroyed a factory new terrain type Land Rover Defender. The excavator arrived, it was a missing safety feature.

In the United States, strict entry requirements – also for cars apply. If not complied with, is obviously not shilly-long. As proof of a relentless crackdown by the US customs authority has now released a photo of the destruction of a Land Rover Defender in Baltimore. In various American ports, several dozen of the factory had been demolished and new all-wheel drive models from the UK, it said. The reason is that The cars do not conform to the applicable regulations of the U.S. food and drug administration.

Who tried, the Defender models in the United States: he would have had to know that this is wrong. Because the new regulations are not. The British manufacturer Land Rover has already set in 1996, the Export of the Defenders in the United States, after in the previous years, a special series with a V8 petrol engine, specially designed for North America issued and sold. However, since 1998, the U.S. regulatory rules require that in new cars, Airbags for both front occupants as well as impact protection for the linkage in the doors used to be.

Both the Defender can not provide, nor ABS. In Europe and in the Rest of the world of off-road Methuselah, whose original model came already in 1948, the market is allowed to be sold. The Trick: in Germany, the Defender will be allowed as a Truck. Otherwise it would not go at all, because the 2.2-litre diesel engine, just meet the Euro-5 emissions standard. Starting in 2015, this is not enough, and also the then applicable EU rules on the protection of pedestrians are not meet with edgy rustic body of the car. For the Defender to an end after 67 years of construction, finally. A successor model, the British are already working.


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