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On any long trip in the car there is at least one that has it much more in a hurry than you. This in itself is not reprehensible – but at some point, it sucks.

At least then, if the aufblendet his headlights and his car almost in the trunk of my car parked, I did something about it. First right on the country road. Particularly unfair is that I can’t say the Dr√§nglern my opinion (a certain species is, in my opinion, anyway, not to lecture).

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Of course, we all go quickly, and of course, we are all sin-free. But how do I explain this guy to people in his middle-class station wagon, that it makes me nervous when he aufblendet around two meters behind me on his Christmas tree? Where am I supposed to go? It is only with a speed of 80, if I at the end of a long queue of cars there roller, all of which follow more or less patiently in a big Truck. The cutter wants to pass partout. My theory: at some point I’ll get the Chance to overtake the truck. And if not, I’ll come just a little late. His Theory? No Idea.

Don’t always be pushy to get a lesson

In what dimensions this nervous motorists may think? You think at all? Most of the time it runs like this: at some point of the cutter moves closer to the honking begins. Then he veers off to the wild gesticulating again for threading. Apparently, he has calculated that he will be on the oncoming traffic to shatter. Then the second attempt the following: He wants to pass a minimum of three cars back in the face of the dense morning against traffic. Other drivers have to brake. The overtaking at the end of “friend” gives the front of the queue, even though there is no gap. Behind him, the snake needs to kick hart in the iron. Then the maneuver again, from the top: The guy swerves into the oncoming lane, two cars back.

Don’t always be pushy to get a lesson for her senseless behavior. Recently, it has caught one. As the heavily traveled country road, I was traveling, finally, in a multi-lane highway ended, there stood the middle-class Kombi that has annoyed me with his Overtaking on the shoulder. Hazard lights on, in front of him and behind him in a patrol car. It is not my job to educate other motorists. And it’s supposed to actually make any, as he wants to. But not under the threat of life of others. Justice I think is good. The day went on, as he had started.

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