Lexus ES 2018 : first car with rear view mirrors digital

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Here are the mirrors digital of the new Lexus ES. They do show, however, not very fine aesthetically.

The new Lexus ES, which the european version will be presented at the World Auto in Paris, will be the first car in the market to have rear-view mirrors digital. This equipment will, however, be available only in Japan at first.

For the past few years, many are the concept cars to show thin strips of metal as mirrors, with cameras that broadcast images on little screens inside. On the other hand, no manufacturer had, for the moment, equipped a series production model of such technology. Lexus is seen as a pioneer in the field, since its new mid-size ES, which had been introduced in the spring, will be equipped as early as the month of October.


For a better visibility

These mirrors digital are connected with screens of five inches, placed on the angles between the ends of the dashboard and the a pillar. According to Lexus, this technology has the advantage ofoffering a better vision of the surroundings of the vehicle, particularly at night and in bad weather, not to mention that the noise of air would be substantially reduced and forward visibility was improved.

The display of screens inside as well as the areas taken into account by the cameras can be customised by the driver according to the driving conditions, or even according to his preferences. The aesthetic aspect of these mirrors is rather disappointing, the latter showing considerably less purpose than we had been able to see on the various concepts before.

Lexus is announcing the availability of this equipment (optional) from the month of October on his ES. In contrast, only the japanese market will be able to benefit from it for the moment.


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