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Caravan or motorhome, this is a difficult decision for many campers. The Best of both options provide Pick-ups with camper cabins. No wonder, then, that the supply of such piggyback-growing houses.



By Matthias Kriegel

Saturday, 05.01.2019
07:03 PM

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With the motorhome to Corsica travel, bed, kitchen and bathroom on the camping site to Park and still have a car available, you can climb the narrow mountain roads. Pick-ups with camper cabins in the load area, the advantages of living connect mobile and caravan, and to eliminate their disadvantages: they offer compactness and comfort of a motorhome, and at the same time, the flexibility of a residential rig in the car. An advantage of the more and more campers are discovering. The result is that the Pick-up motorhomes are becoming more and more popular.

40.500 new motorhomes were sold in Germany last year – a record figure. Pick-ups with camper cabins in the load area of this market is still a niche segment, but also the popularity of the Residential towers is growing. “The demand has historically been good,” says Peter Tischer, owner of the established in 1973, manufacturer Tischer leisure vehicles from the Bavarian cross value home.

The advantages are obvious – or better said: on the platform. Because many of the piggyback flats are not fixed to the vehicle. Arrived at the destination, these variants can then be built on stilts to settle. On your legs, you will be driven for a long time, until the Pick-up can drive out including. He then stands on the spot as a car.

Easy time unloading

However, depending on the size and weight of the cab adjustments on the chassis made, for example, by the installation of a air suspension. Then you can drive the Pick-up itself with a Penthouse on the platform as such use and by unw├Ągbares terrain such as gravel roads or rivers.

Typically the piggy-back camper cabins are available through a separate entrance (on the side or at the rear). Behind it all what is needed for the Road trip of life, you will find: A kitchenette with gas cooker, fridge and storage compartments for food; a Mini-bathroom with integrated shower, Hot – water-Tank; a Seating group for four people, which can be converted in just a few steps to the bed surface; and in the alcove of the small bunk above the cab of the Pick-ups with a double bed. Some models even include a small passage to the driver’s cabin or a convertible roof, which makes for a comfortable standing height in the living compartment. Bikes the carrier can grow, surf boards, or kayaks can be transported on the roof. Also, an awning or a roof box can be grown.

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Residential cabins for Pick-ups:
The Piggy-Back Houses

Earlier, a few manufacturers, such as arthritis or Bimobil (founded in 1977 in Oberpframmern, Bavaria), the local Residential add-on market. In the meantime, the offer is, however, significantly larger. Not least, the decisions of VW and Mercedes, with the Amarok (2010 -) and the X-class (since 2017) own Pick-up models to offer, opened up a new buyer class. “The Pick-ups have developed from the Truck to the Lifestyle of the vehicle,” says Arno Klenkhart, managing Director of residential cabins-manufacturer Geocar from Traiskirchen in Austria. “That’s us, of course.” The Figures prove this. Were recorded about ten years ago, is still far less than 10,000 Pick-up-number of new registrations per year in Germany, is expected to double this number by 2020.

Similar appearance, different design

Also Geocar is one of the established forces in the industry, the cabins are approximately a dozen Residential manufacturer includes in the German-speaking countries. “I don’t see us as competitors,” says Klenk hard, “we simply have all the same passion.” Tough competition can arise in the case of the current high demand, anyway. In the case of most manufacturers, the customer must currently expect delivery times of between four and twelve months, depending on the extra wish. Only the living cabin center in Gevelsberg, a multi-brand residential cabins sales and provider of brands such as North star and four wheel campers, the piggyback-cottages at the camp.

Externally, the products of the manufacturer are similar, if only because of the Similarities of the vehicles, for which they are designed. In the production, but in different ways. So is disassembled in a Bimobil the entire cargo area and the cabin on a specially made frame set up. “As a result, our residential offer cabins, more storage space, more comfort and better handling due to the lower center of gravity “, and praises managing Director Stefan Christner of its products. The living cabin is dispatched From at the resort (or it was for most of models around 20 minutes), that can be to the new intermediate frame adapted to charge surface as a platform.

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Camping buses:
Alternatives to the VW-Bulli

Almost all other manufacturers put the cabin on the existing loading area. And as for Bimobil can also be used in almost all of the manufacturers between the deductible and fixed-fixed cabin chosen. Although it is the latter, not so flexible as with the detachable variants, but they also offer advantages, such as Ulrich Gehrke-Hoog from the 2013 established manufacturer Gehocab from the lower Saxony Evessen reported. “The driving characteristics are fixed cabins in the grounds, much better,” he says.

Simply indestructible

In fact, the combination of piggyback cab and 4×4 Pick-up can be found relatively frequently – many of these customers are also fond of off-piste. The company of the Ex-VW Manager Gehrke-Hoog, for example, offers only setups for the VW Amarok.

Bargain many of the cabins, however, are not. Through the use of carbon Gehrke-Hoog saves, for example, according to its own figures, around 300 kilograms of weight. So Gehocab border but also at the top of the price, at least 134,000 Euro, is a living essay costs.

Used to residential constructions, however, are from circa 5000 euros. The new price will fluctuate, depending on the type, model and equipment – between 16,000 and 80,000 euros – without a vehicle. Anyone who wishes to have maximum flexibility, the cost. “In addition, the cabins are very durable,” adds Jens Heidrich from the living cabin center. “The cabin of Pick-up Pick-up with a move. I know of customers who use their 15 years ago, purchased the residential cabin still – now on the third Pick-up.”

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