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The car history is full of exciting, studies, which quickly disappeared again. MIRROR ONLINE shows really sharp vision. This time a Mazda, in which a television replaces the speedometer and the steering Wheel is missing.



By Jürgen Pander

Monday, 24.12.2018
At 08:51

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The outside or the inside? In the study of Mazda MX-81 Aria (Italian for “air”) is hard to decide where to discover some of the more interesting design ideas. In the creation of this concept car, Marc Deschamps, fresh into office gelangter head of design at the coachbuilder Bertone on delivery, in 1981, to form: The car, the strictly geometrical delimitation of glass and metal, a belt line from a line and the fireworks of fantasy in the interior, drawing the smooth body surfaces.

This shows, for example, the ochre-brown gingham-pattern of the seat covers. This is where the fun begins. The seats can rotate so that the falls or get Off easier.

Photo gallery

Beautiful thing: Mazda MX-81 Aria:
Hands on the Lenkband!

The Pointe is the Cockpit. It consists of a tube screen, the Display to replace the analog instruments such as a speedometer, tachometer or fuel gauge. Deschamps anticipated the now-standard digital instrument display, so to speak, for several decades. The screen is a kind of framework from the dashboard, on the control knobs are mounted for the lights, wipers or turn signal rises. The upper edge of this frame, a movable, articulated Band made of plastic. So the car is steered.

That works in principle, it is believed. But these bizarre mechanical Steering system should be pleasant, accurate, or safe, is hardly conceivable. Further, the System has not been followed in any case. What makes the Wow-effect is reduced, because in a study, it is mainly on inspirational ideas and unconventional solutions, and less on its feasibility. Where: The band steering takes up less space than a conventional steering Wheel. Maybe a manufacturer of Autonomous cars picks up this idea time of the car – as a kind of space-saving emergency steering.

Bridge of the V-cart Era in the eighties

The Mazda is certainly a milestone of car design, file. He fails with the proportions, the simplicity and the light and airy interior, a bridge between the uncompromising wedge-shaped car, which has Bertone in the seventies, and the more pragmatic models, which came out in the eighties on the road shearing. Including the Bertone-designed Citroën BX 1982 to present.

Interesting on the Mazda-unique is that under the shell of ordinary mass-production technology. In order to keep the costs low, took over Mazda in the study, the technique of the model 323 GLC. The wheelbase of 2.36 metres, a 1.5-Liter turbocharged gasoline engine as a drive, and all dimensions were determined. A separate and unusual car was built, shows the potential of the Turin design house at this time.

Eight years after the debut of concept cars to a Detail of study, in the case of a serial product germinated yet. The flat, streamlined front fascia, including the sleepy eyes headlight coined the sporty compact Mazda cars 323 F, came on the market in 1989. A Renaissance of interior details, Fans must wait more.

But not to the study itself. After the car more than thirty years hidden in a Garage on the site of the Mazda development centre in Hiroshima, stood around, it was discovered only a few months ago back and brought out, like a demand for Mazda. Now, the public relations Department of Mazda, a restoration of the concept vehicle plans – the state should be extremely gratifying to be able to it then on different occasions, re-present.

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