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Weight down, performance, and price up: Porsche and co. deserve gorgeous with sports cars that are tailored for the race track. McLaren is a 600 LT at the Start – we were with him on the slopes.



Tom Grünweg

Tom Grünweg

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Tuesday, 23.10.2018
At 04:21

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The first impression: Looks like all the other McLaren. Well, with the longer tail due to the larger diffuser of the McLaren makes 600 LT the name “Longtail”, the fixed wing and the Splitter in the bow to make the full-throttle ambitions clear. But really new, the car doesn’t work.

Says the manufacturer: pit lane instead of the Boulevard of vanities – roughly sorted by product Manager Tom Taylor is the new 600 LT, and in the ranks of the so-called Track Cars, despite their street-legal, especially on the race track are tailored. Similar to the GT models of Porsche – the Taylor as a model is called – they are purchased by customers, the lawn with the cars actually on about courses and not only through the city stroll. This type of drivers there are apparently a whole lot, not for nothing, Taylor is expecting a sales share of 25 percent in the past mainly by model 570 LT specific “sports Series” of McLaren. Limited edition of the car is on top of that, says Taylor. The belong to the essence of the LT models. “That’s why we build the car exactly 12 months, then the end.”



The we noticed: On your marks, get set, go! Once you have down climbed into the tight bucket seat of the McLaren, you feel actually like a racer. The view focuses on the Piste, the hands grasping even a bit of solid into the steering Wheel, in the right foot you can feel a tingling sensation a nervous and instinctively, man is waiting, somewhere a starting-flag waved, or a start-up light switches.

In principle, this McLaren from the same components, is designed like all other models from Woking. But once more, the British have combined them so that the car is beastly its own – in this case, quite a character.

Therefore, do not wait any more time than necessary, nails then sheet the right foot on the floor and enjoys the Kicks, the moves of a cross: 600 HP of power and 620 Nm of torque hurl the car to the horizon. It is not only 30 HP and 20 Nm more than the base model 570, but the engine revs higher, screamed louder, and seems in every way more aggressive. As you would have fueled him with adrenaline and not with Super unleaded.

The rest of the Set-up of the Longtails, which is actually a good seven inches longer to fit. The suspension was noticeably stiffened, the steering is more direct and makes the car even at the slightest movement nervous twitch. So much the brakes have nearly the bite as in the P1 and in need of 200 km/h only 100 meters – just one Meter more than the Hyper-sports car. And where is the 570 S cut to neutral by the Wind, to generate Spoiler and side skirts in the 600 LT at 250 km/h, about 100 pounds of downforce that presses the car to the road and stable in the keep track of.

The result is a more dedicated driving. The braking points move significantly in the direction of the curve entrance, at the apex, it has more speed and then climb again on the Gas. It is not even silly in a way that even the males in the Piktrogramm the climate control is wearing a helmet.

Take a look in the interior of the Audi Q3 – with our 360-degree photo:

Of course, you do not need to drive it so great and can move the 600 LT also reasonably leisurely. This, however, requires a considerable degree of self-control, and comfortable is not it. Because while you can stroll with the 570’s are actually relatively relaxed about the Boulevard, is the slow pace in the long tail a cramp because the car just will not be comfortable.

The need to know: The 600-LT is the fourth, and cheapest long-tail model, even if it is € 230,000 in costs and, therefore, to 41,000 euros more expensive than the 570S. For the fee of 25 percent of all the parts, so that the weight is reduced by 100 kilos and at the same time, the power of the 3.8-litre V8 turbo engine increases. The Top speed is 328 km/h, and the consumption of McLaren with a capacity of 10.7 litres. The first cars are being built in Woking, and as of November delivered.

We will not forget: The exhaust of the long tail in spectacular fashion to the top led’s and with two fat pipes from the rear of the lid protrudes. This is already in the Stand is an impressive sight, but no later than at the full-throttle spectacle. Because of the long – tail spits out a high flame like a beast.

Vehicle registration certificate


600 LT


V8-Turbo Diesel-Direct Injection

Seven-Speed Dual-Clutch Transmission


3.799 ccm

600 HP (441 kW)

620 Nm

From 0 to 100:
2.9 s

Maximum speed:
328 km/h

Consumption (ECE):
10.7 liters

CO2 emissions:
149 g/km

150 litres

1.365 kg

4604 / 1930 / 1194

230.000 EUR

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