Luxembourg makes train and bus travel for free

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Even now, the Luxembourg paying little, if you take the Bus or the train through the country. Now the government wants to abolish the ticket – the first country in the world.

Train and bus travel will be in Luxembourg from the first quarter of 2020 to free. “Luxembourg will be the first country in the world in the use of public transport spontaneous or planned, and everywhere can get in and out, without worrying about which ticket to buy,” said Prime Minister Xavier Bettel during his government policy statement before the Parliament of the Grand Duchy. “The us is simply good to face and contributes greatly to the Image and to the attractiveness of Luxembourg”, he added.

In the past, the public transport is financed in the Grand Duchy, with very low ticket prices to about 90 percent by the state. Young people up to 20 years, and students already ride for free. A single ticket costs two euros and is valid for two hours in the whole country.

More Parking at stations

The Free public transport is part of the political effort, the traffic problems of the 600.000 inhabitants to relax in the country: Every day, around 200,000 people from Germany, France and Belgium commuting to work in Luxembourg.

A up to the year 2035-reaching mobility plan is intended to ensure, in the words of the charm, Service and punctuality of the public transport system be improved and that, for example, in the vicinity of the border, the Parking supply for commuters will be expanded.

Also measures in Germany

Also in Germany the discussion around free public transport this year has included travel, especially as a means of combating air pollution. In February, several Federal Ministers had proposed such a measure for the exhaust gas polluted cities. So they reaped, however, also a lot of criticism.

However, this year multiple cities for free tickets. The transport companies in Tübingen and certificates of demand since February, on Saturdays, also not suitable for driving. In Rostock, students travel for free. In Templin, Brandenburg, was driving a bus was for some time free of charge. Meanwhile, the transport company demanded a very low annual fee.


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