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No Kia sells as good as the Sportage. Finally, the customer asked, especially petrol engines, the manufacturer earns on the Diesel. Now, the SUV gets a Facelift.



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Tom Grünweg

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Monday, 20.08.2018
At 04:11

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The first impression: a womanizer. It is above all the panels on the Front and rear to make the Facelift the difference to the predecessor. New colours and wheels.

Says the manufacturer: with The Sportage is the best horse in the stable of Steffen Cost. Nevertheless, the Germany-suffers-in-chief of the Kia currently. For the Diesel ratio in the case of this successful series has fallen from 55 per cent last year to 24 percent this year. The engine not only brings more money into the Fund, but helps the manufacturer in Achieving the EU targets for the fleet consumption.

Therefore, Cost is also pleased about the new Diesel with the SCR catalyst and urea injection cleaner. They meet all the standards and are exempt from driving bans: “Now there is no more reason not to buy a Diesel,” says spokeswoman Susanne Mickan. Kia hopes in the future to a quota of at least 40 percent. “Together with our sister brand Hyundai, we are the first to offer for our diesels on this side of the luxury class with a mild hybrid with 48-Volt starter generator.” Mild hybrid to support the combustion engine with additional power – for example when Starting or Accelerating, the car can drive at any time with the E-Motor alone.



The we noticed: The electric start generator, on the Kia so proud of, is from the driver not to be perceived. Because the 2.0-litre Diesel, the Koreans combine with the mild-hybrid System, with its 185 HP and 400 Nm of home so much Punch that the 15 HP and 55 Nm for the E-machine really fall into the weight.

Of a strap attached and a 48 Volt power from a Lithium-ion battery in the trunk powered electric motor, but manages to start the engine very much more comfortable than a normal starter motor. During the trip, the Diesel can be switched off more often. As long as the battery is full, send Kia the auto-ignition, therefore, at less than 30 km/h and a light accelerator foot in the break, rolling the car. Because the electric Motor can recover braking energy back and there are now, for this top-of-the motorization on top of an eight-speed automatic, adds up to the Consumption at the end of a ten per cent, argue the developers. The standard fuel consumption Kia is 5.7 liters.

Take a look in the interior of the Kia Sportage:

In the best sense unobtrusive the Rest of the Sportage. The ambience is elegant, the space is sufficient and the list of assistants in the future for even longer. For the first time, the distance braking control, which operates between 0 and 160 km/h, the SUV a stand if necessary to a stop to avoid an accident. So the car closes to cars like the VW Tiguan or the Seat Ateca. Only the variability of the Kia can’t compete with the VW, because it has the sliding rear bench is missing.

The Koreans have eased, finally, to the rear of the rather confusing body, by the outside, installed a couple of cameras that scan the surroundings and a panoramic view on the large Touchscreen enable.

The need to know: The revised Sportage is available at prices starting from 22.490 Euro as of September delivered. In addition to the mild-hybrid Diesel, there is a second self-starter that is completely new. He has 1.6 liters of displacement and is available with 115 or 136 HP; the weaker version, only with the Front, the stronger against surcharge also available with all-wheel drive. The 2.0-Liter Diesel, he is series. Still, the little oil Burner has to do without a 48-Volt Generator, but is converted in the spring of next year. Then, the consumption of current best should if 4.8 litres sink a little further.

So very Kia the Sportage on the Diesel is not – of course without gasoline. Therefore, the Koreans continue to have a 1.6-Liter with 132 or 177 horsepower and Front – or all-wheel drive in the program, which is now equipped with a particulate filter. So he meets the valid exhaust gas standard.

We will not forget: The continuous light band at the rear, which is also on the Audi Q8. Maybe this is a throwback to the Kia Design chief Peter Schreyer to his old employer, Audi.

Vehicle registration certificate


Sportage 2.0


Four-Cylinder Common-Rail Diesel

8-Speed Automatic

1.995 ccm

185 HP (136 kW)

400 Nm

Maximum speed:
201 km/h

Consumption (ECE):
5.7 liters

CO2 emissions:
149 g/km


439 liters

1.428 liters

4485 / 1855/ 1645

40.490 GBP

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