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The first Chery for Europe could look like.
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In the vicinity of Frankfurt, the group is preparing the next Chinese car its Start in Europe. The want to be well prepared.

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          The plaster missing on the walls, the door can only be opened by Hand, the three staff to lose in the first floor of a gutted brick building, and because there is no Parking, it is well that the house of Mr Jochen Tüting still has the car any service. So, to grow as close to the Frankfurt location, the industrial wasteland in Raunheim is still a fully functioning commercial area, it also needs the “Chery Europe GmbH”, still time to Mature. If a Chinese car manufacturer dares to take the step to Europe, want to be prepared for the good.

          Tüting knows only too well the failures that have companies such as Brillance, or land-wind in her European debut, or the skepticism that met Borgward, and therefore time. “At the earliest, to the beginning of the next decade, and not necessarily the same as 2020”, he calls as the date for entering the market. The time you want to use, with an annual production of 700,000 cars rather little Chinese, you know at best for us as a Partner in a joint venture with Jaguar-Land Rover, in order to gain from Raunheim from the market. Because the cherries to hang for Chery high.

          Therefore, not to prepare in the next year, approximately 50 employees, only the sales of the brand and a dealer network to build on. It will be at the new location there is also a development centre for the approval and Homologation and a private design Studio.

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          Raunheim, but it is not to be only the nucleus for the European business, but also an important satellite for the colleagues in Shanghai, and Wuhu. This applies to engineers, in Germany, are simply closer to the major suppliers and better access than in China. And this is especially true for the Design. Because for the first Time a Chinese car gets manufacturers with the Mazda poached Kevin Rice only a Western stylist, but also a service office abroad. Although the Studio in Raunheim is purely digital, and if Rice wants to work with sound, he sits to a service provider or in a design center in Shanghai or Wuhu, where the majority of its approximately 200 employees. But basically he is supposed to lead Europe out of the fortunes, and at least two dozen models in the Form of. “So I can keep at least an apartment in the West end,” says the Frankfurter.

          For the new Job must change, the Briton duly: “In China, everything goes much faster. There are not only dozens and dozens of drafts, and discussed for a long time, but it comes quicker to the point.“ This is not a comparison with Opel, where the Brit has started his career more than 30 years ago. “At the time, passed from the first stroke to the finished car for ten years. Even if the Western manufacturers are, of course, become faster, you will be overtaken by the Chinese, just complete,“ Rice convinced.

          Smart technology and modern staged connectivity

          The time in the wild together copied China models he looks to be finished and allows the Chinese have now become quite a style of its own. Only in the abroad which is not recognized yet. “We’re all in the Chinese-drawer and my Job will be to let Chery as look out,” says the former head of the European Mazda design center in Oberursel who wants to do this, especially on smart technology and modern staged connectivity.

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