Mazda 3 (2019) : first teasers before the presentation in November

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Here is the rear part of the new Mazda 3. It is very close to the concept of Kai last year.

Mazda announces the presentation next of its new compact by a teaser video. The fourth-generation Mazda 3 will be unveiled in Los Angeles at the end of the month of November.

The Mazda 3 third name is out there now for five years and will be the next model in the lineup of the japanese automaker to be replaced. This renewal had already been announced by the presentation of the elegant concept Kai at the Tokyo motor show in 2017 and we have now been confirmed by the release of a teaser video.

The firm of Hiroshima mentions at the end of the video the month of November 2018, which corresponds to the opening of the salon of Los Angeles, on the 30th of November. The fact that the United States remains one of the main markets for the brand was amply justified this choice.


A compact dynamic

We can see briefly in this video a part of the rear of the vehicle, and it strongly reminds us of the concept of Kai in its proportions. The tilt of the tailgate, as well as the cutting of the glass are almost identical to those of the concept, while the shape of the optical lens is close to it also. In addition, the paint chosen “Soul Red” Crystal is the same.

Mazda Kai Concept Mazda Kai Concept

A second profile view of a model grey confirms to us then curves always also râblées and sports, with a hood before long and the wings very comic. On the other hand, we can see that the door handles remain traditional and not flush like on the concept. Of the drawings, a priori, the official who leaked these last days, give us more confirmation that the Mazda 3 will be available with two bodywork and compact sedan. We can also distinguish a grille, more massive than on the former model, the image of the new CX-5.

The dashboard will also be modified in depth and the presence of aerators around the instrument, knowing that the latter should without a doubt become digital. The screen of the infotainment system remains, for its part, placed in the middle of the dashboard, there also as on the CX-5.


Inauguration of engines Skyactiv-X

Finally, please remember that this new Mazda 3 will launch the revolutionary petrol engines Skyactiv-X, whose objective is to combine some of the benefits of diesel (high flexibility and low fuel consumption) to those of gasoline (silence…). A technology that would allow the compact to go from diesel engines, as is already the case of the small Mazda 2.


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