Mercedes-AMG GT 2019 : small changes and version radical GT R Pro

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Mercedes launches at the salon of Los Angeles 2018 in a limited series AMG-GT-R-Pro, a version in look radical inspired of the category GT3. Its price is not yet known.

Mercedes enjoys the benefits of living in Los Angeles to present a revised version of its AMG GT. It is inside that the changes are more visible, except for the new limited series AMG-GT-R Pro.

Mercedes does not hesitate to evolve its sports coupe AMG GT. Released in 2014, it has already enjoyed a restyling at the Detroit motor show in 2017, and it is once again in the United States that it is changing again. Outside, the changes are slight. Only the light signature, more in the spirit of the AMG GT Coupe (four door) note. At the rear, the shield incorporates a new diffuser (AMG-GT, S and C) and to the exhaust tailpipes redesigned. New wheels are also offered.


On board of the new AMG GT 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT C

It is especially inside that this is happening, with the same inspiration that the four-door coupe. Thus, the conventional meters needle, give rise to a combined digital 12.3-inch offering three display modes : “Classic “, “Sport” and ” Supersport “.

A new central screen made its appearance. Wider, able now to 10.25 inches. Also of note, the center console is equipped with the new controls (touch-pad, gearbox, ESP, exhaust…) and a new steering wheel, taken from the AMG GT Coupe. Via the touch controls, it is possible to vary the display of the screen, to ask the voice assistant or to select a driving mode.

Lovers of outings on the track will be able to detail their performance via the’AMG Track Pace. It is a system based on the GPS data as well as on the sensors of the car (acceleration, steering angle, wheel speed…) which records various data in order to know the lap time, the portions of the faster. Following the progress, the times are displayed in green or red. Note that the driving modes have evolved to provide greater finesse.

Finally, the engines remain the same with powers, always as “comfortable” : 476 hp (GT), 522-hp (GT S), 557 hp (GT C) and 585 horsepower (GT-R and GT-R Pro).

Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro

In addition to the developments of the AMG GT, Mercedes-benz presents a limited series R Pro, in the spirit of the one which runs in class GT3. Side look, it can be seen immediately. Adhesive tape aerodynamic appendages on the bumpers, the wings… it’s impossible not to notice it. The engine, taken over from the GT-R, is unchanged, but the trains are specific. In effect, the triangles the upper and lower rear are mounted on ball joints, and it is possible to modify the suspension set-up. The pilot is harnessed to four points, and is protected by a roll bar bolted on. For the moment, the number of copies and the price are not disclosed.


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