Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro : even more radical for Los Angeles

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The Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro promises to be pretty damn sharp, inspired versions circuit GT3 and GT4.

For the lounge of Los Angeles, Mercedes will unveil a new variant of its coupe AMG GT, called the GT-R Pro. It should be even more powerful and efficient than the GT-R as currently proposed.

For Porsche, this edition 2018 at the salon of Los Angeles will be the scene of the presentation of the eighth generation of the legendary 911. However, it is not certain that the firm Züffenhausen was expected that Mercedes would invite to the festivities. The neighbor of Stuttgart wishes to show the “queen” that she should always depend on a stiff competition, and will present an alternative new and even more extreme of its AMG GT-R.

Dubbed GT-R Pro, this new flagship sports of the brand with the star will be a limited edition that will versions race GT3 and GT4 to radicalize it a little. Note also the photo of the car camouflaged as the shield seems to be even more aggressive than the GT-R standard, particularly with the small fins on the sides.

The AMG GT-R is expected to be exceeded in terms of performance and efficiency.


More than 600 hp ?

If no technical information is not communicated for the moment, there is no doubt that this new version will see the power of the V8 4.0 biturbo enhanced compared to 585 hp of the AMG GT R. The bar to 600 bhp should be crossed for this GT-R Pro, who may be entitled to 612 hp, as the E sedan 63 S. Or, why not, go up to 639 hp and the sedan coupe-AMG GT 63 S ? Unless it is already scheduled for a future variant Black Series…

Only remains to wait for the 29th of November to know everything about this AMG GT R Pro, which will undoubtedly become one of Mercedes most successful ever produced.


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