Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 : photos and info on the SUV’s electric !

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The SUV electric Mercedes EQC 400 will be marketed in early 2019.

[Update the 04/09/18 at 19h16] Of all time at the forefront of the automotive industry, Mercedes began his electrical revolution. Here is the first model of its kind for the brand, the Mercedes EQC 400. This SUV family leader, a real family. Discovery.

At the end of the 1990s, the manufacturers premium invest the SUV segment. Mercedes enters the fray in 1997 with the M-Class (or Mercedes ML). Twenty years later, the innovation battle is still played on the SUV segment, but now, with electric propulsion.

A new look on the SUV


Even if it retains the aesthetic codes of the SUV of the range, the Mercedes EQC is distinguished by the treatment of its ends. Its imposing grille is highlighted by a band of black-lacquered.

Two types of muzzle are proposed. The first bet on a grille traditional with seven horizontal bars and a lower air intake conventional.

Classic Version … … or avant-garde.

The more original, the second is limited to two strips in the grille and is characterized by a pattern in the shape of a wave above the air inlet.

In both cases, a bright line is the line of union between the projectors. This permanent lighting will immediately recognize the EQC in the circulation.

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EQC mid-way between GLC and GLE Mercedes EQC is long 4.76 m.

This theme of the banner of light is echoed at the rear, where the Mercedes EQC has false air of the Porsche Cayenne or Macan restyled. An element that is also present on the Audi Q8. This gimmick in the air visually expand the lines, which contributes to lower the height of the flag. It is well seen on an SUV of high stature.

It would be reductive to consider the Mercedes EQC as the electric version of the Mercedes GLC. This unprecedented model is more of an addition to the range. Its length is 4.76 m long, the intercalates between the GLC (4,66 m) and the GLE (4,82 m). It has 5 seats and a boot volume of 500 litres.

The digital edge

The dashboard of the Mercedes EQC400 is organized around a slab panoramic digital.

Aboard the Mercedes EQC, the digital world is ubiquitous. The organization of the dashboard is similar to that of the new Mercedes Class A. A double-slab digital occupies the space in front of the driver and extends to the top of the center console.

This screen ultra-widescreen is not surmounted by a cap, which reinforces the impression of space to the front. The multimedia interface is specific to this electric vehicle, including a GPS that optimizes the opportunities for charging by indicating the terminals are present throughout the route.

More than 400 hp under the hood !

The Mercedes EQC is powered by two motors – one per axle for a total power of 408 hp for a torque of 765 Nm. It is 65 Nm better than the bi-turbo V8 engine (510 hp !) the Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 ! This architecture twin engine provides all-wheel drive at Mercedes EQC and performance of first plan.

The top speed is however limited electronically to 180 km/h to conserve battery power and to allow an autonomy of 450 km according to the NEDC cycle.

“The Mercedes EQC400 has a range of 450 km “

The accelerations are rather bright for a machine weighing in at 2 425 kg, the exercise of the 0 to 100 km/h is provided in 5.1 s. Mercedes announced an energy consumption of 22.2 kWh per 100 km and CO2 emissions of 0 g/km. Finally, the batteries of type lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 80 kWh.

Driving patterns and energy recovery To lower the center of gravity, the batteries are positioned in the floor.

Five driving modes are also on the agenda, Comfort, Eco, Max, Range, Sport and Individual. Comfort is the default mode with a response of the accelerator pedal control for versatile use. Eco focuses on efficiency and reduced energy consumption. Max Range, makes every effort to maintain autonomy. Sport, on the contrary, promotes the performance with a ram accelerator. Finally, Individual customizes the settings.

In addition, the driver can adjust the regenerative braking via paddles behind the steering wheel. Five settings are possible, ranging from a mode wheel is free to providing an engine brake is maximum. In this configuration, it is not necessary to apply the brake pedal. The lift of the foot from the accelerator, the deceleration is strong enough to slow the vehicle. This is another way to obtain the same effects as the e-Pedal of the new Nissan Leaf.

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A “full” 40-minute

The recharge of the batteries of the Mercedes EQC requires 40 min.

It is firmly anchored in the mores automobiles, the electric vehicle must offer ease-of-use. The Mercedes EQC treats performance and independence. What is its cooldown ?

It has a built-in charger with a capacity of 7.4 kW. Conveniently connected to the Wallbox Mercedes, the latter makes the recharge three times faster than via a standard electrical outlet. Mercedes says that it just need to 40 minutes to get the battery charge from 10% to 80%.


The logo EQC 400 suggests that there will be other versions later.

To tempt customers who are more reluctant. But it is important not to repeat the operation too often, if one wants to preserve in time the holding of the load.

The Mercedes EQC 400, should be declined with other power levels and various autonomies.



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