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The Mercedes EQC 400 is the first electric vehicle of the brand. It will be marketed in the summer of 2019.

There it is, Mercedes has crossed the mark of power ! The SUV EQC is the first model of non-thermal, the brand the star. Revolution or simple evolution of the species ? Here is our opinion.

Mercedes has just unveiled its first model 100 % electric, the SUV EQC. Marketed to the summer of 2019, it will be the first offspring of a new brand called EQ, which means intelligence is electric. Then come a compact sedan (EQA) and a large sedan (SLA). Long-4.76 m, the Mercedes EQC fits between a GLC and GLE.

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Two visions of the electric vehicle Apart from the blue lines, with the impression of having a thermal engine under the hood of the Mercedes EQC…

The mutation between combustion vehicles and electric vehicles includes two schools diametrically opposed. There are the ” adventurers “, the manufacturers who risk everything and bet on the electric with an avant-garde design, a technical platform-specific and, in the end, a silhouette in a break with existing models.

They have the daring of an investment that could be lost if the market did not respond to the request. This is the case of the Jaguar I-Pace which, by its pointed snout, look more like an mpv than the more angular of an SUV.

The Mercedes EQC has a motor on each axle, and houses its batteries in the floor

On the contrary, the careful focus on a smooth transition, with a progressive evolution. Mercedes has made this choice with his SUV 100 % electric EQC which incorporates many of the elements of the SUV with a thermal Mercedes GLC. The brand speaks of flexibility of production in common (Bremen in Germany and a new site in China) vehicles-thermal and electric, which share the same assembly line.

Mercedes also mentions wanting to keep the same customers and seek to reassure them with a product that was reliable and secure. A strategy is assumed, which presents some drawbacks that we will study in detail.


A style quite classic Mercedes EQC has the allure of a break high on the leg. Its length is 4.76 m.

For the reasons developed above, the Mercedes EQC adopts a style very classic. The resemblance with the Mercedes GLC is striking. The SUV’s electric has been lying in its rear part a few inches, compared to its small brother thermal. This gives him more the look of a station wagon, perched high as an SUV. The distinction between EQC and GLC is ultimately the most marked in the extremities.

With its strip lights, the Mercedes EQC has false air of Porsche Cayenne…

Merging the grille and the headlights, a band of black-lacquered stresses the grid of the ” radiator “.

Little touch of modernity, the optics have swapped the chrome against the slats blue. Tint that can be found at the level of the rims and on the monogram EQC affixed to the front fenders.

The Mercedes EQC puts the package on the lighting. At the edge of the cover, a strip connects the headlamps while the star – logo of Mercedes Benz, but also the EQ – illuminated, in the centre of the grille. This function will only be offered on the us market, where we can’t dream of a better publicity ! In Europe, this is forbidden and he will have to settle the horizontal strip of light. A theme that is also present on the back. It is less original than before and, most importantly, this gives the Mercedes EQC of false air… Porsche Cayenne.

As we have said, to reduce the costs of development, the technical community between the Mercedes EQC and the Mercedes GLC, therefore, must be maximum. As well, the SUV’s electric has a long hood horizontal which is not useful to house an electric motor the ultra-compact housed as low as possible to the center of the axle. This caution industrial adopted by Mercedes for the EQC also has consequences on the interior.


High-tech attitude of The Mercedes EQC setting on an interface that is 100% digital.

The dashboard, completely digital, EQC gives him an edge on the GLC and GLE, which, for the moment, merely an instrumentation needle. This spirit high-tech is fitting in with the promise of modernity that embodies the electric vehicle. However, the EQC does not have the exclusivity. This double slab pan is widely spread on the rest of the range.

Moreover, this provision without cap clearly evokes that of the new Mercedes Class A. below, the center console is reminiscent to that of Class C. The novelty comes from the fans who are leaving in the form of a turbine for the benefit of outline rectangular. The final touch is provided by the elements in ” rose gold “.

In this setting rather rewarding, the ergonomics are excellent. The touch controls placed on the steering wheel are complemented by a pad located between the seats. They are relayed by the voice recognition capable of distinguish the voices of the occupants of the vehicle. For example, each person can adjust the temperature of the air-conditioning in its area, and the same for his heated seat.


Back seat not easily accessible once aboard the Mercedes EQC, the headroom is good, on the other hand, the legroom is a bit tight.

In the back seat, the EQC is less flattering. Accessibility is not optimal. It is necessary to bend the spine to settle at the edge, at the risk of banging the head against the pavilion. Then, the first step is a bit annoying it has a tendency to hit the heel down.

The central tunnel seems incongruous on an electric model.

Once seated, the space for the legs is not very generous, more was expected of a vehicle this large. On the other hand, the guard to the roof is well dimensioned. However, he must travel to the two, since the middle seat provides a seat and backrest hard and most of all, you may ask why, the Mercedes EQC has maintained a central tunnel ?

Simply because he has taken over the floor of the GLC. With its all-wheel-drive provided by its two electric motors located on each axle, the EQC has no need of a mechanical shaft in the center of the chassis.


A safety deposit box a fair bit With a boot volume of just 500 litres, the Mercedes EQC is in the low average of the segment.

The volume of the trunk of the Mercedes EQC is limited to 500 litres in 5 seat under the parcel shelf, a volume identical to that of a Mercedes GLC Coupe. It is little for a model of this format. Yet more short of 10 cm, the Mercedes GLC welcomes, in the same configuration, 550 litres. It was hardly more long (+ 8 cm), the Mercedes GLE has 690 litres.

And the EQC has not the excuse of you can stay its batteries under the luggage compartment as they are located under the floor, in the center of the vehicle to lower the center of gravity. SUV requires, the loading sill is a little high-perched, and the height between the bottom of the trunk and the cargo area cover is limited. Don’t expect to cram your suitcases to the vertical, it will be necessary to lay nice and flat, it takes up more space…


Balance Mercedes EQC

In the Face of a avant-garde Jaguar I-Pace or the future Audi e-tron quattro, the Mercedes EQC seems to be shy.

Should we summarize it to a Mercedes GLC electrified that would have been restyled with a great deal of LEDS in the front and the rear ?

Don’t pay in this observation is very simplistic. Bet the electric is an approach that is risky, even for a manufacturer with 130 years of history and the habit of revolutions. Unless devin, nobody today can know the popularity of this type of gear or the appetite of the public on the long term, that is to say, after the “early adopters” californians have all bought their SUV electric.

Excerpt instead of the Mercedes EQC ttings high-tech, the speed of charging the batteries (40 minutes), its autonomy of 450 km, and the 408-hp from its two engines, promising a driving dynamics.


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