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The Mercedes GLE, a second generation will be released in early 2019.

The SUV family of Mercedes GLE, the second generation will be one of the biggest stars in the World Auto 2018, in October in Paris. Then it will be marketed beginning in 2019.

In 1997, Mercedes-benz ventured in the segment of SUV family premium with the M-Class called the Mercedes ML.


Mercedes GLE (2015) Mercedes GLE (2015)

After three generations, it changes name and becomes, in 2015, the Mercedes GLE (photo above) to comply with the new title of the SUV of the range, while referring to his relationship with the Mercedes E-Class. In the World of Self-2018 (from 4 to 14 October in Paris, the second generation of the Mercedes GLE will have its first bath of the crowd.


A style that is aligned to the GLE

The amount of rear quarter panel of the Mercedes GLE (2019) evokes that of the Mercedes M-Class in 1997.

The headlights tapered and the front grille in a trapezoid, open towards the bottom, put the new RULE into compliance with the new identity feature of Mercedes. Ditto at the back, with lights diamond evoking those of the new Mercedes CLS. Fortunately, the amount of rear quarter panel of the GLE ” 2 ” retains the pattern initiated by the first Mercedes Class M. The relationship between the four versions is thus clearly established.


An interior digital for the GLE

The new Mercedes GLE puts the package on the digital, with a double slab common with the class E and Class S.

But the great novelty, it is a trend that is valid today for any model car, is the arrival of a dashboard-100 % digital. A double slab of 12.3-inch diagonal (31,24 cm), as in the S-Class and E-Class, and occupies the full space. And, as on the new Mercedes A-Class, there is no cap overlooking the instrumentation, which lightens visually the whole.


The two handles at the bottom of the central console are typically in the spirit of SUV.

This instrumentation is complemented by a head-up display high-resolution color 720 x 240 pixels.

Finally, the voice assistant MBUX will be appreciated for its speed and intuitive functionality, like gesture commands, which distinguish the hand of the driver and passenger.


The autonomous control of level 3 for the GLE ?

The new Mercedes GLE is no exception to the arrival of many driving aids , among them a wizard footprint active. I mean, a system able to anticipate traffic congestion and take the reins from the driver during a traffic accordion up to

60 km/h. this Was in addition to an original function, freeing automatically, when this is possible, a corridor for the passage of emergency vehicles.


A GLE seven-seater The new Mercedes GLE will be … … available in 7 places.

The SUV family of Mercedes benefits from its wheelbase increased by 8 cm (2,99 m) to provide a third row of seats optional.

In the second row, the bench seat is fixed in series with a trimming records according to a format 40/20/40. It can, as an option, adopt a power-adjustable with a sliding sitting side on an amplitude of 10 cm (Easy-Entry).

The MLM ranks and at the level of the Audi Q7 and BMW X5, for a long time proposed in the version with 7 seats. Mercedes indicates a boot volume of 825 l in configuration 5-seater. The payload capacity increases to 2 055 the all rear seats folded down.


Hybridization 48V for the GLE

At launch, the Mercedes GLE will begin with a version 450 4Matic powered by a 6-cylinder engine gasoline 357-ch.

At launch, the range will be based only on the version of the Mercedes GLE 450 4Matic. Its engine-six-cylinder engine develops a power of 367 hp and a torque of 500 Nm. It has the technology 48V by means of an electric motor additional delivering 16 kW (22 hp) and 250 Nm. It provides a function EQ Boost as well as a brake energy recovery.

The Mercedes GLE has real skills in the crossing.

This coupling allows the Mercedes GLE 2019 to claim a fuel consumption of 8.3 l/100 km in the combined cycle and CO2 emissions of 190 g/km. The range will be joined, later, versions, four-cylinder, petrol as in diesel, and a hybrid version rechargeable. In all cases, the transmission will be ensured by the automatic transmission 9 reports 9G-Tronic.

While the 4Matic all-wheel drive will propose, on the versions with the six-cylinder as well as on future versions V8 and GLE plug-in hybrid, a transfer of torque between the axles (from 0 to 100 %). The models is limited to a four-cylinder engine will have a distribution in a fixed 50/50. In addition, the air suspension will have an individual management of each wheel to provide maximum comfort.


Where is manufactured the Mercedes GLE ?

Assembled in the factory in Tuscaloosa in Alabama (Usa), the Mercedes GLE was right in step with BMW, which produces most of its SUV on the industrial site of Spartanburg, South Carolina.

The new Mercedes GLE will be marketed beginning 2019 in Europe and in North America, and then in the spring in China. Prices and the opening of the order book will end December 2018.














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