Mercedes returns to an area of 284,000 C-class in North America

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The recall wave in the auto industry. This time, it meets the Daimler. A faulty connection to the rear of the old C lights-class can lead to failure of the tail lights. In Germany, the manufacturer repaired on a goodwill basis.

Stuttgart/Detroit – Daimler calls back in the United States and Canada, an area of 284,000 C-class. Affected vehicles are the model years 2008 to 2011 (W 204). A Defect in the rear lights, specifically to a connection between the plug and the bulb holder, could cause the rear lights to dim or fail completely. The competent security authority sees this as an increased risk for rear-end collisions.

According to a Daimler spokesperson, no accidents due to the failure of the rear so far, lights is well-known. To be made of the possible cost of the repair action information is not available.

Also in Germany, C can be classes affected, in this country, there will be but no official recall. However, face problems due to the lack of connection, so the damage is fixed according to Mercedes on goodwill in the workshop.

In the past few months, the recall had heaped actions in the auto industry. The most serious consequences of a defective ignition switch in vehicles of the Opel parent General Motors (GM), which should have led to accidents with at least 13 dead. Since the beginning of the year, GM had to make 6.3 million vehicles in the workshops.


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