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Smoking endangers the health of your tires On the Brady Street Milwaukee Harley-Davidson Street Glide shows strong symptoms of a Burnout.
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A stinker, the President, Worried about the young, but in the celebrate world-class. Visit Harley-Davidson in Milwaukee.

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          There are stories like that of Jorge Moreno, from Medellin, in Colombia, was broken up into a group of five motorcycle riders to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and in Nicaragua with a free-running cow collided. A turn signal and the windshield of his Harley, he lost in the fall, what kept him from his thousands of miles of way to continue. Up to Tulsa, Oklahoma, he managed where he was hit on the Interstate-Highway 44 from a mattress that had broken away from the load area of a Pick-up Trucks.

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          Theodore Roosevelt was the President of the United States, as in a little wood shack at the 38. Street of Milwaukee, three men – two-Davidsons and a Harley to build began, motorcycles. In 1903, the was. Since then, 115 years have passed, presidents have come and gone, 19 in number until today, such-and-such. But none like Trump.

          The other day the President of all Americans, all Americans are called indirectly to avoid the Harley-Davidson. Many Harley-planned owners to boycott the company, think he’s great, tweeted to the mighty man in the White house. Recently, Harley-Davidson was to him as a great, true American icon. Now the Motor Company has crashed in the favor of the President from the very top to the very bottom. So fast the times change. Since the whole Tradition of 115 years, nothing helps.

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          In its first year, the three dare were, according to Tradition, brave three motorcycles. If it were really three machines, is not vouched for, allegedly, the number of pieces and the size of the shack doubled as early as 1904. In 1907, a third Davidson brother, the annual production was 150 bikes, all single cylinder engines until then.

          The former evening hobbyists had abandoned their old professions, and a two-storey wooden building on the present Juneau Avenue, when William Harley, the designer of the four pioneers, the first V-designed Twin: The two-cylinder model 5D were to today’s typical 45-degree angle to each other. In the again enlarged factory, 35 employees worked. 1149 motorcycles rolled out of the hall, started to climb it.

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          Trumps Comments can be bad for business count. Maybe some people buying on the other hand, now a Harley. Who knows. And who knows where the decision of today’s Harley-bosses, a part of the production from America to be deducted in Asia is cheaper, what enraged the easily combustible state arm.

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