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Duration of order: fun to make, even in 2018 et seq. of the Here as a Mini Cooper S.
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In the Mini Cooper S British Wind is blowing now to the end. The art is to make timeless icons. Therefore, only the Details to be adjusted. And yet there is danger of addiction.

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          In times in which humor free Controller life, the existence of good convertibles to finish, for example, the VW Beetle or the Opel Cascada, is a praise to Mini due. The UK Bavaria build undeterred, you open the car, and we wish him a long life. Clearly, most people buy permanently closed cars, which is why the Test so the two-door is firmly soldered to the roof.

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          For the assessment of the just, barely recognizable makeover is anyway the same, you will be given the entire model range. Friendly way, Mini is now in the rear-the British flag lights appear, otherwise nobody would notice that anything has been done. The flag, however, is insanely cool, the progress in the Use of LED makes it possible. The art is to create timeless icons that there are Mini and Fiat with its 500 top-of-the. Therefore, only Details are adjusted, the notice is not more than a second look otherwise. Optionally, there are now LED headlamps with auto-abblendendem Matrix beam headlights, which is an improvement to the already good LED actually bring again to light. It makes the remote light, the Sensors detect Against – and ahead of traffic and save the same in the cone of light. Whether the filled as the daytime running lights are now complete, and when the direction indicator also flashing circle around the front headlight is more beautiful than it was before the three-quarter circle, is a rather academic Discussion.

          But on the Mini it is fashionable Pep, which is why about new exterior colors, which are, as it were, with the British flag back-lit dashboard and the Piano Black exterior package, where the borders of headlights, tail lights and grille blacked out, no one should make you smile. Grey is all theory, the test car rolled in this color in three shades. No one will say, which made no difference. The grey for One and Cooper looks bland, and for the Cooper S fesch.

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          For which machine the decision is made, is above all a question of money. Tight the rates are all. The Cooper, with its Jolly three-cylinder, it should be already. If you want to enjoy the Sprint and Sound, the four-cylinder Cooper S. The two-liter turbo has, even after the Revision 192 HP, but is stopped by using higher injection pressure to be more efficient. The reveal is difficult, because we turn rather to the new dual-clutch gearbox, which comes out in One, and SD, 1800 or 1950 Euro surcharge requires and tired of automatic Offside. The gear changes are a pleasure, precisely and with just the right bite, crisp shift paddles. The reduced fuel consumption into the bargain. We calculated the average of 7.6 liters of Super, a longer driven Cooper comes with 7.1 liters. The seven-course Walt at the end of transmission is, however, not only in the sporting operation as an Alternative to the in character to be nice right hand switch.

          In the double coupler is a relief. A wise idea is the integration of the front camera in the automatic Start-stop system. It prevents in the two more comfortable riding modes-Mid, and Green, that when you Turn in a roundabout or in the creeper suddenly the engine is switched off. To complain would be alone, where the gear command gear knob that is unimaginative in the room projecting the rectangle.

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          What remains, fortunately, is the pleasure of the tax. The Cooper S continues to remain a greedy curve robber who feels like an adult than he looks, and despite steering infl├╝ssen not even ├╝bermotorisiert. Steering and suspension work hand in hand, they are sporty and firm, nothing else is to be expected. The combination with more hardness to the game, making Run-Flat tires will, however, be considered. In no case should be saved at the automatic air-conditioning, normal air conditioning, presumably due to a construction defect, previous models with miefigem smell for annoyance, the workshop is not Lord.

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