Minister Scheuer calls “offers” for Diesel switchers

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Minister of transport, Scheuer tries to put the auto industry under pressure. Thus, owners of old diesels driving bans to be spared, had to give it to for a change to clean car great deals.

Federal transport Minister Andreas Scheuer also the manufacturer’s responsibility to save owners of Diesel cars driving bans. “The owners of old Diesel, maximum attractive offers for exchange in clean cars”, said the CSU politician in the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”.

“The car manufacturers are here is mandatory”, is Scheuer quotes. He was just talking with the producers, to take what is the price of these old Diesel cars in payment.

After a conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel had Scheuer announced a concept for technical improvements of old Diesel. It is unclear whether the concept in addition to Software Updates may include but also Hardware modifications to diesel engines. The “FAZ” said Scheuer: “We should retrofit in the first place only where it is technically and economically possible. That makes the most sense in the case of buses and municipal vehicles.”


Andreas Scheuer

In the case of the 3.1 million Diesel vehicles of Euro-4 standard is the installation of a modern flue gas cleaning system, said Scheuer. “We think about what is going on. But one thing is clear: The state is not a car dealer,” said the Minister.

Of the 5.5 million Euro 5-Diesel in the best case could be upgraded to “2 million vehicles and technically only in these, the necessary space is available”. The cost of retrofitting Scheuer estimated at a minimum of 3000 euros per Car. The Federal Minister of Finance, but I have already said that he wants to spend tax money.


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