Minister Scheuer is trying to push foreign manufacturers, their cars to retrofit

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German car manufacturers have pledged to make millions of diesel cars by fix cleaner. Foreign corporations refuse. Minister of transport, Scheuer does not want to accept the, according to SPIEGEL information.

The pressure on the Federal government to grow: With each minute, the German administrative courts, municipalities and countries impose rises ban the rage of the Diesel-drivers over the loss of value of their cars. Finally, the Wiesbaden administrative court ruled per clean air. The banking metropolis of Frankfurt you must keep from February to older diesel vehicles from the city.

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The Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) has now taken a variety of cars in the views, which are in the public debate to the diesel scandal less in focus. It is the foreign manufacturer of the self-detonators. These, too, he wants to make Software Updates to diesel vehicles. His authority, according to almost 1.3 million import vehicles have high nitrogen oxide concentrations in exhaust gases. The MIRROR reported in its latest issue. The frontrunner, according to an internal list, which is the MIRROR and the Research editor of the Bavarian radio, with up to 180,000 for a diesel car, Volvo, and Hyundai, followed by Peugeot and Citroën (150,000 cars). A total of 16 brands from foreign countries are affected, including Chevrolet, Toyota, Jaguar, Land Rover and Mitsubishi. “The more manufacturers to the voluntary Software Updates that participate, the better it is for the air in the cities,” said a spokesman for the German Federal Ministry of transport on request. The list of reported vehicles is not final. “There are also other manufacturers can come to it,” said the spokesman.

The companies are not to call them back ready to

Scheuer hopes to reduce the nitrogen oxide emissions due to Software Updates by about 20 percent – also to prevent diesel driving bans. The company, as it is called in the Ministry, but, so far, to recall actions. At the request of the French group PSA informed about, which also includes Peugeot and Citroën, to reject voluntary software updates, because the vehicles met their approval. Volvo wants to equip its current models with new Software. In older models, it would customers “individual solutions” to offer, if these are affected by driving bans.

The German manufacturer have to say on the diesel summit of the Federal government in August 2017, and software updates. This promise you have not redeemed but still. About 6.3 million vehicles to get according to an internal statement of the Ministry of transport a Software Update. Retrofitted with nitrogen oxide catalysts, which causes a significantly greater reduction of nitrogen oxides, rejects abrasives, among other things, for reasons of cost.

Meanwhile, the transport Ministry initiated the expert group to those Hardware retrofits of Diesel vehicles, finalized its report. German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had made of this vote depends on how you will behave to this question. The experts will come in Detail to different results. The technical feasibility, it is said in the report of the expert group, was given. In the paper, the MIRROR and the Bavarian broadcasting (BR), in summary: A SCR retrofitting is possible in principle, “if the space is available.” This is, however, a number of affected Diesel not the case, in particular, “if appropriate vehicle models with SCR catalysts are already on the US market or as a special variant in the European Union”.

While a reviewer is arguing quite clearly for the retrofits, holds the other opinion, the practical implementation is very complicated. It required close coordination between the catalysts suppliers and the manufacturers, so it is stated in the report of the working group. She closes with the statement that this was not work together “in sight”. It remains, therefore, to the Chancellor, as she chooses. You could talk to for fear of the wrath of the voters is a power word and the company’s prompt to the practical, solution-oriented Action. Merkel had announced to speak at the end of the month. Until then, the working group is likely to Hardware, its report to the retrofits have also decided.

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