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America, you have it better – at least in my car Passat at least 24.755 Euro, pay, buy: While German customers for a VW’s the car in the US, the equivalent of about € 10,000 cheaper. The US-model from the plant in Chattanooga is so much less value?


Tom Grünweg

Tom Grünweg

Tom Grünweg

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Friday, 21.10.2011
At 09:35

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In Germany, VW is the undisputed number one. But the wolf Burger know of any other markets in the sense that if you drive almost no chance the sale of strong brands behind. For example, from the USA. Since VW was also a big number, but decades ago. In the meantime, the American middle-class, Chevrolet & Co enough runs, especially on cars of the Korean manufacturer, and shows the heavy weight of Germany the cold shoulder.

If VW but how to announce it to the controller, is actually the largest car manufacturer in the world, then the shops on the still highest-volume individual market in the world to run better. The lower Saxony have launched an ambitious catch-up grams: by 2018, VW aims to triple sales in the United States more than tripled, which would mean about 800,000 cars sold per year.

The lion’s share of it to create the new Passat, which is only a few weeks in the trade. Built specifically for this car from the ground mashed
Factory in Chattanooga in the U.S. state of Tennessee, has the car, however, hardly more than the name with the
local Passat have in common.

In the US, customers have a Chance to, didn’t VW just stretched the length of the car, but also lowered the price. Because of the US Passat is almost equivalent to 4,87 meters long and in the base version only 19,995 for the Dollar, or the equivalent of not 15,000 euros in costs, it is almost as if VW would offer it in North America, a Phaeton, the Polo-price. Even if we include costs, local taxes and the Transfer, the US-Passat after the German standards, a bargain. The question, of course, is what you get for it. And whether or not the European Original is its price value.

The processing is convincing, and the space

The first impression is convincing all around. The US version is similar to drawn elegant as the European model. The doors fall almost as rich and sound in the castle. And also on the inside of the Passat from Chattanooga looks hardly worse than those of Emden – in the SE, the seats for 3800 dollars extra charge, among other things, with Extras such as 17-inch alloy wheels, heated leather, and alloy ornaments in the Cockpit.

The much-lauded obsession with Detail, the VW interior was actually saved into the U.S. the car, which makes the car as well as the first nobel to appear. Even if the leather is maybe a little thinner and not quite as much Shine chrome frames of the Euro-Passat, cheap plastic in vain. Only the analog clock with the charm of a travel alarm clock will fit right in to the beautiful new interior world.

What makes the US-built Passat, but really, are princely space. Because the wheelbase has been stretched nine inches at 2.80 metres, a ride in the now 4,87 Meter-long sedan (plus tens of centimeters) in the back comfortably fit two adults. The trunk holds around 450 litres, the is handsome.

Soft suspension, flaccid base engine, lack of fuel-saving technology

What relates to the feeling of driving, the car is typically American. The suspension is tuned a little softer than that of the German Passat, the steering is so precise and sharp as in Europe, and the all-season tires are more on durability than on maximum speed. But on the jagged concrete slopes in the Hinterland of Los Angeles to have it exactly like that, especially since a maximum of 75 miles per hour (121 km/h) are allowed. A little more bite from the brakes but would also damage the US model.

The biggest weakness of the American Passat is the Motor. While in Germany, a 1.4-Liter and 122 HP strong Turbo-petrol-marked direct injection started, in America, Heavy Metal: Five-cylinder and 2.5-Liter engine is the base model. Theoretically, this is enough for 170 HP, 190 km/h and a Sprint of just under nine seconds. In practice, however, the engine seems rather noisy and listless. Although there are other drive options, but things like all-wheel drive or dual-clutch transmission offers little to the US-built Passat, as well as an automatic Start-stop system or a regenerative brake.

Among the available assistance systems, the very ordinary navigation system, there is also cruise control, automatic climate control and a music system for the guitar maker Fender. Distance control, lane guidance and Parking automatic transmission, however, are not in the offer.

Can import German customers on their own a US Passat?

A bigger car for the smaller price – this should also raise with the European VW customer desires. Especially since many do not want to make the payer the expensive assistance systems anyway. The weaknesses of the chassis would probably find fault with most of it, especially as they come to light in a more leisurely way of driving.

So quickly to the Internet, the car purchase and on your own into the country? In principle, this is not a Problem. At least the base model, a price advantage would be maintained, despite about a thousand dollars, ten per cent and 19 per cent of freight costs, import sales tax. Anyway, the first repair could be a real test of patience, because many parts have to be from America brought. And also the re-sale is not likely to be easy – unless, that is, the Used again as a bargain.

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