More gas guzzlers, less electric cars – Trump wants to loosen emission limits

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The Trump Administration plans a softening of environmental regulations for cars, which were decided under the predecessor to Obama. US producers are likely to save so many billions.

Thursday, 02.08.2018
At 15:16

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US President, Donald Trump is planning a stay of execution for gas guzzlers. The U.S. Secretary of transportation and the environmental protection Agency proposed that the limits for the fuel consumption up to the year 2026 to the year 2020 to freeze – so the manufacturer would need significantly less electric cars, in order to achieve these goals. So Donald Trump’s emission standards, which were adopted under his predecessor, Barack Obama revised.

This step is coordinated with the White house and would increase the Oil consumption of the US by about 500,000 barrels a day by 2030, said the authorities. The car manufacturers, the easing, you could save the proposal, approximately 320 billion dollars, which would otherwise be caused by development, Material, or approval.

The biggest beneficiaries of the measure would cost roughly $ 60 billion in savings in General Motors, Ford and Fiat Chrysler. If the proposal is implemented, this would reduce the necessary number of E-cars and Hybrids in the Portfolio of the manufacturer, in order to achieve the limit values, dramatically. In addition, also the expected penalty payments from the manufacturer in the amount of 3 billion dollars for the failure to meet the Standards would be omitted.

Trump flips objectives of the Obama administration

Trump had announced in the spring of 2017 to the requirements for the fuel consumption of new passenger Cars check. Only a few days prior to the detachment of the Obama administration, the environmental protection Agency had set the Standards for the fuel consumption and the associated emissions. Accordingly, the fuel consumption of light commercial vehicles and cars should be reduced up to the year 2025 to 54.5 miles per gallon, about 4.5 litres of petrol per 100 kilometres. Compared to 2010, the consumption would be reduced by half.

International the soggy emission standards of the United States may have only a small influence on the model policy of the manufacturer. In important markets such as China or Europe, the exhaust gas will be stricter rules continuously. Europe is currently working on new CO2-targets for the period after 2021. The car industry also occurs here for as tab-saving goals.

Conflict between the government and the Federal States

With the proposal, the tensions between the 17 Federal States and the White house are likely to continue to increase. Especially California’s strict emissions regulations of the Trump Administration are a thorn in the eye, and about a dozen other States, has adopted the California rules. Thus, they apply to around a third of the U.S. car market, the proposed Amendment threatens this scheme, however.

Therefore, those 17 States have already filed in may a lawsuit against a decision by the U.S. EPA. California’s attorney General Xavier Becerra stated that he would use “all legal means” to protect the current Standards.


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