More than half of the cyclists to be overtaken dense

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One and a half meters in the distance when Overtaking a cyclist. In reality, this value is often exceeded – how often, showed a study in Berlin.

To closely overtaking cars are for many cyclists, a daily risk. Who overtakes a Bicycle rider must keep, according to established case-law that a minimum of 1.5 meters distance, as soon as children at least two feet are on the wheel. However, many motorists do not adhere to it. How high is the risk to cyclists too closely by a car overhauled, and now shows a study of the “Tagesspiegel” in Berlin.

100 test-riders from all districts of the capital have been equipped for two months, with distance sensors. The result of 13,300 kilometers, and 17,000 Overtaking: In 56 percent of all measurements of the necessary minimum distance is exceeded, at 18 percent was even below one Meter.

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So-called protected cycle lanes to protect cyclists in the capital in the future. On this green-backed, 3.50-Meter-wide lane separating red-white bollard is the wheel from the car traffic. In addition, faster cyclists can overtake here safely. At a distance of 450 metres in the timber market Strasse in Berlin-Mitte, the concept will be tested in a model experiment for five years, the road traffic regulations provides for such tracks so far.


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