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In a Swedish village, a pensioner auctioned off his collection of old Volkswagen. From each year between 1948 and 1975, a beetle is often in its original condition. It is not even in Wolfsburg.


By Richard Holtz

Thursday, 20.09.2018
At 04:24

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Ask someone Bengt Holmgren after the favorite car from his collection, it is difficult for him. A individual favorite, the 73-Year-old, after all, he may be a selection by rings It includes four air-cooled Volkswagen, a in unrestored beetle, built in 1950, a beetle of the years 1956 and 1960, both with less than 10,000 miles on the odometer, and a VW 1500 Variant, built in 1965, with 3000 kilometers.

The cars still belong to him, will be auctioned next weekend along with 61 other VWs in the Swedish village of Pålsboda, 200 kilometres West of Stockholm. Wistfully themselves Bengt Holmgren will have to approve of a worldwide unique collection of old Volkswagen, whose Foundation stone in 1959.

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Unique Auction:
From each year a VW beetle

His father, Ivar worked on cars as a rural letter carrier with a blue 1959 beetle as a service. 18-the son bought a new, red 1962 beetle and put it in the first year, 60,000 km.

Bengt had in the meantime founded the company “Holmgrens Bussar” and go on. At the beginning of the 1990s, the business was no longer around, and Holmgren made some of the vehicles.

With the proceeds he bought the Borås-based VW dealer Ulf Larsson 46 cars with air-cooled engines. This technique has been replaced in passenger Cars, meanwhile, of the more efficient water cooling. A about 1500-square-metre hall should be the new home of the car, and opened in 1993 Bengt Holmgren is a unique in the world of the VW-Museum.

Most of the cars are in an unrestored condition

Once, it is not only because there is a beetle specimen from each year between 1948 and 1975. In addition, most of the cars are located in the in unrestored original condition. This has not even Wolfsburg.

Holmgren has extended its collection over the years in its very own way. “Cars and restoring anyone who has enough money can buy. To find an original car, and to agree with the owner, can take years,” he describes his recipe for success. “The personal chemistry must be right, and a Dose of humility can’t hurt either.” Money was not such transactions are the most Important.

Volkswagen Sweden did not want to have cars

For him it is not that important, well before the last crown is to squeeze out the auction””. He just wants to have more time for his family and his Hobby, motorsports,. To him, it would have been better if the collection as a Whole would have been taken over by a new owner, for example, of Volkswagen in Sweden. But it didn’t work.

So he takes individually to say farewell to his favorites, to which there are so many stories.

Practically the most recent copy of the collection: The Ùltima Edición, built in 2003, is approximate and has only 25 miles on the odometer. He is, according to Holmgren, the only car from the last, made in Mexico beetle series, has come to Sweden. Initially, he was offered the king Carl XVI Gustaf, a bekennendem Autofan. After the Monarch had refused to handle Holmgren for the equivalent of 11,000 euros.

Belongs to a beetle, a spade

Since the 1950-built beetles, of on 3 is. January to Björnlunda delivered and later from a VW dealer in Vetlanda has been bought. Although the speedometer shows already 77.608 kilometres, but the vehicle is unrestored. To drive a spade – manufactured from sheets which have been punched out in the pre-war beetle for the rear window.

A tragic story is behind the on 22.04.1965, for the first time approved VW 1500 Variant. The son of a farmer from the province of Östergötland has bought the car in 1965. At the time, the plant protection products used, but have damaged his nervous system so severely that he had to spend the greater part of his life in a wheelchair. He was able to drive the car by yourself, but a helpful went neighboring with him every year, the 20 kilometers to the TÜV, and has taken with him three trips. So all 3006 kilometres.

There are also such anecdotes, which make the offered by VWs popular. Shortly before the dissolution of the Museum, visitors flocked in droves to Pålsboda. On a weekend, the queue at the entrance was 30 feet long.

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