Munich scrapped thousands of bikes of Obike

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The city of Munich is losing its patience with the bike hire Obike. The administration collects thousands of scrap wire donkey, a maturity. The provider is no longer accessible, and the App works but still.

Bike rentals provider, Obike, the city of Munich is increasingly in Trouble. Thousands of bikes of the ailing company are still in the city, the administration, you away probably in December and disposed of it. The authorities worked on an elimination arrangement, said the city’s Cycling officer, Florian Paul.

On Tuesday, the deadline the state capital of Obike was expired. The company should explain how the rental system and whether Obike will clean up the wheels. “We have so far received no feedback,” said Paul.

Wheels, in-App borrow

The city estimates the number of orange wheels on 3000 to 6000. Numerous Obikes destroyed in Parks, in trees or on the Sidewalk – even if the Rent working via the App, said Paul.

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Cargo bikes:
Bicycle premium from the state

“We must take care of now ums clean up,” criticized the Munich Cycling officer. He had little to no hope of Obike itself will still active. Any and all contact attempts were the least unsuccessful.

In Hamburg, new Obikes were auctioned

Obike was only founded last year and offers in a number of European cities, its rental bikes. Founder Shi Yi had spoken to in July, in an Interview by economic difficulties. For anxiety, the bankruptcy of Obike Singapore had made sure of that. To the shops to other locations, this had no effect, had declared the provider in June.

In Hamburg, 10,000 new rental bikes of the company did not. After they stood a while in a warehouse, they were sold, finally, for the most part, and auctioned off.


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