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Mercedes has it in for our children. The brand has a vehicle Recently, the children of avant-garde cars on offer, a luxury that rolls out on wheels in the AMG Design. But he is also convincing in the practical test?



Martin Wittler

Friday, 04.01.2019
At 06:05

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The first impression: Slim, black and with fine red stitching on the grab handle, seat strap, and cloth roof athleticism is something like the red thread in this vehicle from Mercedes-Benz.

Says the manufacturer: With “star journey for the little ones” applies to Mercedes of the stroller the avant-garde. The PR-poets turning in the product: “awareness of style and driving experience,” wants to put Mercedes children with this car already in the cradle. For know-how Transfer the car manufacturer turned to the stroller manufacturer Hartan. The family-run company from upper Franconia, develops and produces in Germany, the optics of the of Hartan-made Mercedes-stroller, in turn, grew in close coordination with the Design Department of Mercedes.

Stroller from car manufacturers? The new idea is not. Ferrari, Fiat and VW already have the car for a long time for the young in the range. BMW umgarnte cars by 2018, together with the children-manufacturer McLaren, the young target group, then the shared license ran out. Even Porsche had a futuristic design stroller. Simple and minimalist, it should fit even in the trunk of a 911.

The we noticed: just like the cars sits the Mercedes Logo on the front, centered on the top of the child seat, fan. Under this hood is not a Mercedes engine purrs, of course, but the heart talks, or lies dormant. Sometimes, howls or roars, it is even neat, then again it is quiet as a mouse, even in tight Overtaking on the sidewalk.

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Autograph Mercedes-Stroller The Avant-Garde:
A Benz for the Baby

An eye-catcher car, the four wheels of the children. Because the rims are designed to be spokes in the eye-catching AMG-Style five-silver-and-black double. But for the driving experience not the fancy rims, but the tires are responsible. As with cars, there are also children with different types of tyres: air tyres, rubber or plastic tire. The former dampen the bumps almost completely, are more sensitive if it goes on dirt roads with sharp rocks, because then the air out of the tires quickly. Rubber or plastic tires, in turn, are puncture-safe filters, however, is hardly the Rough behaviour of the subsoil. Mercedes, therefore, offers a compromise: the air chamber of the tire. The air bubbles offset plastic tire has proven itself in terms of driving comfort and puncture protection for the stroller and is regarded as a safe choice.

The mixed tyres, small front, large rear wheels – the avant-garde is extremely maneuverable. Curbs and bumps because of the small front wheels, however, are not so easily overcome. A plus point is The chassis is so designed that the movable front wheels with two handles to adjust. The more driving stability, if it should go faster – a sort of highway mode for the stroller, so to speak.

The vehicle weighs in at together with the children to 13 kg the seat and in a matter of seconds to fold and take apart, so it fits even in a Smart. The avant-garde, therefore, is in all respects a a compact.

The need to know: “The Best or nothing” is the full-bodied Mercedes-brand slogan. Parents of children not car of the brand, therefore, as high claims as to a car, is surprising. Finally, there is the Start your favorite little in the world of mobility. For the Little one to learn in a Mercedes Driving, you need to pay your parents 859 Euro; so much the base version of the Mercedes avant-garde cost.

Available the stroller is available in three color variants called “Sport” (black with red stitching), “Dolce Vita” (beige/brown) and “Deep Sea” (anthracite/blue). For babies (339 euros extra) is a folding bag in the Mercedes Design. The Extra list there, just like the adults, some where you can make its cross: Matching bedding, changing bag, footmuff, apron, head support and sun shade in the three colour variants – of course, everything with the Mercedes star. In the full equipment of the avant-garde will cost 1655 euros. For this you get a used real Baby Benz, the 190 E was called, was the forerunner of the C-class.

We will not forget: “Quasi-indestructible. In the case of the device, there will be virtually no complaints,” said Marc Mersch, stroller,-the expert of the dealer “Baby Walz”, as he takes the Mercedes avant-garde under the magnifying glass. He knows products from Hartan for 15 years. And indeed, the avant-garde during the video recording like clockwork – until the camera was turned off. Prompt the children did seat not detach from the anchoring. It is hooked up and jammed in the hinge. Only a powerful jolt caused the seat shell from the anchor. Perhaps there is also a stroller – as is the case with car – mounting models.

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